Saturday 9 March 2019


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Branston Brian - Gods of the North
Beckhard Arthur J. - Nikola Tesla
Badiou Alain - Saint Paul The foundation of universalism
Badiou Alain - Polemics
Rucker Della G. - A proud heritage History of Czech settlements
Wilson Robert Anton - Cosmic trigger
Mullen James E. - The arab builders of Zimbabwe
Hiemer Ernst - When will the jewish danger be over ?
Hiemer Ernst - The Stürmer and its readers
Corti Egon Caesar - The reign of the House of Rothchild
Bamford James - A pretext for war
Baker Raymond W. - Cultural cleansing in Iraq
Blavatsky Helena - The key to Theosophy

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Bort Janet - Fairies

Author : Bort Janet Title : Fairies Real encounters with little people Year : 1997 Link download : Foreword. Fairies are ... Immediately I am at a loss for words, for fairies cannot easily be defined. They are different things to different people - tiny gossamer beings with  […]

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Moussali Antoine - La croix et le croissant

Auteur : Moussali Antoine Ouvrage : La croix et le croissant Le christianisme face à l'islam Année : 1998 Lien de téléchargement : Le dialogue interreligieux, notamment avec l'islam, prend-il suffisamment en compte les risques de réduction, de  […]

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Tedor Richard - Hitler's revolution

Author : Tedor Richard Title : Hitler's revolution Ideology Social programs Foreign affairs Year : 2014 Link download : Ideology. Introduction. Certain historical eras are timeless in their facility to inspire curiosity and imagination. Ancient Egypt and Rome  […]

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Monday 13 March 2017

Wright Lawrence - Going clear

Author : Wright Lawrence Title : Going clear Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of belief Year : 2013 Link download : Introduction. Scientology plays an outsize role in the cast of new religions that have arisen in the twentieth century and survived into the  […]

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Saturday 11 March 2017

Winship Thomas - Zetetic cosmogony

Author : Winship Thomas (Rectangle) Title : Zetetic cosmogony Year : 1899 Link download : Or conclusive evidence that the world is not a rotating-revolving-globe, but a stationary plane circle. ...  […]

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Smith Karl A. - Is the earth a globe whirling in space ?

Author : Smith Karl A. Title : Is the earth a globe whirling in space ? Year : 1904 Link download : As is assumed and taught by modern astronomical "science". The subject seriously, scientificaly, and sacredly considered. ...  […]

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Scott David Wardlaw - Terra firma

Author : Scott David Wardlaw Title : Terra firma Year : 1901 Link download : The Earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason, and fact. ...  […]

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Gleason Alex - Is the bible from heaven ? Is the earth a globe ?

Author : Gleason Alex Title : Is the bible from heaven ? Is the earth a globe ? Year : 1893 Link download : Does modern science and the bible agree ? Also an accurate chronology of all past time, containing a classification of all the  […]

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Friday 10 March 2017

The Cheetah - Souvenir edition

Author : The Cheetah Title : Souvenir edition Year : 1980 Link download : Removal of the trooper. At 1100 hours on 25 July 1980 the Battalion paraded before the Regimental War Memorial to honour The Fallen for the last time before '"The Trooper" was  […]

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