Are jews intelligent ?

Author : Fathers Manifesto
Title : Are jews intelligent ?
Year : 2003

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Compared to Whites whose scores are adjusted for race, jews score: 375 points lower in SAT Math, 230 vs. 605. 35.4 points lower in NAEP Math, 251 vs. 286.4. 7.3 points lower in ACT Composite, 15 vs. 22.3. 228 points lower in GRE Quantitative, 325 vs. 553. 43 points lower in TIMSS Math, 495 vs. 538. Compared to jews in Israel: Whites in Belgium score 92 TIMSS Math and 67 TIMSS Science points higher. Asians in Singapore score 138 TIMSS Math and 100 TIMSS Science points higher. The Medical College Admission Test, taken mostly by jews, is the only standardized test that doesn't correlate with critical thinking skills. Lawyers, who are mostly jews now, score in the range of home economics majors which is 300 GRE points lower than many math, science, and engineering majors. New York and New Jersey with their high jewish population spend more than most states for education but consistently score in the lowest quartile on standardized tests. ...

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