Campbell John - Negro-mania

Author : Campbell John
Title : Negro-mania : being an examination of the falsely assumed equality of the various races of men
Year : 1851

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That there are various races of men now upon our globe, none will deny. These are composed of black, white, brown, yellow, fair, Caucasian, Mongolian, Malay, Indian, Negro, Saxon, Celtic, Sclavonic, Australian, Tasmanian, Gipsey, Jew, Arab, Copt, Nubian, with an endless variety. The most arbitrary distinctions have been made to endeavor to classify the races of man : one asserts that all are descended from one pair, another entirely dissents from this view, all are equal says the ignorant fanatic, negroes and red men as well as whites. It seems to me therefore a work not only of necessity but of justice, to place this matter m a compact method before the people of America. ...

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