Davies Clem - The racial streams of mankind

Author : Davies Clem
Title : The racial streams of mankind
Year : 1946

Link download : Davies_Clem_-_The_racial_streams_of_mankind.zip

THIS BOOK presents a study of the three streams of mankind flowing from Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and with the Bible prophecies which relate those racial streams to the nations of today. We must know the racial backgrounds of nations if we hope to understand the characteristics which they exhibit today. It will be shown that from the family of Shem has come the birthright race, the elect race, the Israel people, who are not merely the Jews, but all the tribes of Israel. Also it will be shown that Israel is to be found today in the Anglo-Saxon people and their kindred throughout the world, including the Jews. Wrong translations of the Bible and wrong interpretation of its prophecies have led many people to believe that the Jews and the Jews alone are Israel; that Jesus was a Jew; that the disciples were all Jews, regardless of the fact that many of the prophecies are not fulfilled in the Jews, as the Jews themselves freely admit. These prophecies must, therefore, apply to other sections of the Israel people. It will be shown that the prophecies do apply to the AngloSaxon and related peoples who are identified as the lost ten tribes and Benjamin. To correct the misinformation which clouds the understanding of many people, this book explains the Anglo-Israel Message. In a way, there had been three sets of races before the Flood. Students of ethnological tradition find much evidence to support the belief that there was a pre-Adamic race, perhaps the early giant hllmans referred to in Genesis. A better translation of the Hebrew word nephilintJ which in Genesis 6: 4 appears as giants) would be fallen ones. Perhaps they were the progeny of angels who "left their former estate and married the daughters of men." Let us consider a literal translation from the Hebrew of Genesis 6: 1-4: "And it ca.me to pass that the Adam (that is, mankind) began to multiply on the fa.ce of the ground, and daughters were born to them. And the sons of Alehim (that is, the triune God) saw the daughters of Adam (that is, of mankind), how bright they were, and took to them women of all which they chose. And Yehova said, My spirit ruleth not in man to the rolling up (of time). In their erring they are flesh (that is, because of sin they are subject to death), and his days are a hundred and twenty years. "The fallen ones were on the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of Alehim married the daughters of men, they bear to them. They are the mighty ones which are from the rolling up (of time, that is, from the unseen); men of the Name (that is, who had been servants of the Name of the Most High, and had left their estate)." These verses are extremely difficult to render into English because they contain in a few lines, especially in a few words of far-reaching jmport, the summary of a mysterious history only less terrible in nature than that of the sin of Adam, of man and woman in the Garden of Yehova. The succeeding verses are as follows in Hebrew (Genesis 6: 5-7) : "And Yehova saw how great was the wickedness of Adam (that is, of mankind) on earth and every imagination of the thot1ghts of his heart only wrong all the day. And it repented Yehova that He had made Adam on earth, and it grieved Him to His heart. And said Yehova, I blot from off the face of he ground the Adam whom I have created..." The Evil One thus succeeded in introducing another race, the progeny of the sons of God who had married the daughters of Adam. The nephilim incture of evil was thus maintained through the strain of Cain, the cause of all the world's evil. To offset the Cainite strain, God has provided the elect strain, the birthright race. Unfortunately we human beings think that it is exclusively our task to arrange and rearrange the affairs of humanity. We fail to realize that Jehovah has plans long-range plans, full of purpose. Whatever man may do, he cannot finally interfere with those plans. Even his busy-body anxiety to straighten everything out is being used by the Creator to further the plans laid down in the divine blueprint. In view of the unbounded enthusiasm of many people today to demand liberty for all races, even equality for all races, it is interesting to observe that whatever merit such enthusiasm may possess, it does not happen to be God's plan, or at least the plan outlined in God's Word. In this book we shall disregard the antediluvian races except for the fact that they explain the Cainite strain which was handed on to future generations; we shall discuss the wanderings of the Noachic peoples to the lands in which their descendants live today . We shall be concerned not so much with the ethnology or ethnography of the races as with their ethnogeny, their origin based on blood relationship. We shall show the deep significance that lies in the traits evinced by the progenitors of the various races, traits which characterize and identify the modern descendants of those progenitors, traits which prove to us the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. CLEMENT DAVIES, B.A., B.D., D.D. ...

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