Huger Deveron - Race Suicide

Author : Huger Deveron
Title : Race Suicide. Mongrelization inevitably insures this !
Year : 1921

Link download :

In this discussion, at the very outset I wish to distinctly assert, I am not a pro-Slavery fanatic; on the contrary I am convinced the Institution from its inception was a terrible handicap to the Whites in the Southern Colonies; and historic records clearly reveal the fact that a majority of the early settlers strongly opposed the importation of Africans, but the British Government, and English slavers, aided by the ardent efforts of the New England Shipmasters, responsible before God for this Curse of Color; - though thanks to print, Publicity and what I shall call prevarication (though a harsher term more fit) the real Slave Trader, or his descandants who escaped the legitimate indictment, posed as philanthropic Abolitionists, whilst those whose forbears sincerely opposed to the system, pilloried in 1861 - as cruel task-masters,- who daily drove their half-starved serfs to the cotton patch and the rice-field by the "Driver's" lash. ...

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