Humphrey Seth K. - The racial prospect

Author : Humphrey Seth K.
Title : The racial prospect A re-writing and expansion of the author's book "Mankind"
Year : 1920

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EVER since the signing of the armistice, the civilized peoples of the world have been demonstrating an amazing aptitude for political and social disorder. A rampant individualism, both crude and incompetent, hinders concerted action toward readjustment. Irresponsibility stands out as one of the commonest of personal characteristics. The rising complexities of our civilization seem to be met by a sheer incapacity on the part of vast numbers to accept reasonable social obligations. This huge distemper is laid variously to maladministration, social injustice, ignorance, and reaction from war; but there is abundant evidence of a deeper malady-of a degenerative change taking place in the quality of the race itself, which is adding significantly to the difficulties of the present social order. ...

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