LaFlor Erst - The betrayal of the white race

Author : LaFlor Erst
Title : The betrayal of the white race
Year : 1970

Link download :

One of the great disappointments that I personally have experienced in my reading and search for truth is that very few men are willing to speak their convictions. In their peranal lives they operate behind a front and this carries over into their writing and everything they do. Thus one never really makes genuine contact with the man but only his shadow. This I promise: I promise to speak my true convictions. For the obligation is upon me to be true to myself and to raise a standard that I can abide and live by in the quiet of my mind in my deepest self. Erst LaFlor. August 1965. Introduction to Part I. White men once stood as a group and it is the desire of the ordinary White man to still stand as a group but time and again his interests have been betrayed by his leaders. The weakness of the ordinary White man is that he is not taught to know what a true leader is, and the weakness of the leaders is that they do not know what the true interests of their people are. It is the blind leading the blind. But sometimes the betrayal is deliberate. Sometimes the betrayal is the product of vengeance, or greed, or jealousy. Sometimes the betrayal is like Judas I scariot or Brutus, or Delilah. For the people are the true masters of their leaders. They give rise to them. They support them. But the Aristocracy oppressed them. The Kings of old used them. And the Politicians betray them. March 10, 1970. ...

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