The big book of racialism

Author : Enright Jack
Title : The big book of racialism
Year : 2010

Link download :

What is this? This is a collection of facts and experience arranged specifically to open the eyes of anyone fortunate enough to read it. “Racial Equality” is a fantasy. It is false. We are led to believe it for the sake of feelings. We all have been led to embrace a lie just because the truth is offensive. Yet to see through it all, you’d simply have to ask yourself, if we’re all equal, how come we are always having to come up with excuses for the failings of others? Well, the answer is simple. We, the people of the White world, have been lavished with a guilty conscience. For whatever reason, we’d rather believe that everyone is equal. We are not all equal. Ask yourself, what countries of the world are the ones receiving the bulk of immigrants? White countries. What countries enjoy the highest standards of living? White countries. What countries wield nearly all the power in the world? White countries. What make up the greatest society the world has ever seen? The White countries. If you are sceptical, read on, and either solidify your beliefs in what you call the truth, rejecting what you’ve been told is bigotry, or be shown the true light of the world. First things first. What have you been taught all your lives? That people from all over the globe are all equal. We are equal to one another; the only thing to separate us is the colour of our skin. This leads you to believe that racism is based on nothing but pigmentation, and therefore, is complete trash. Well I’m afraid that’s simply not true. There are numerous physical differences between the races, but there is no need to get into them simply because they are inconsequential. The size of your stature, and anything else, do not dictate to your muscles the actions you take. What we want to look at are the mental differences, the ones that really matter. When the White race was unfortunate enough to stumble upon Blacks, what sort of condition were they in? Well, the simple answer is, the condition they’re still in. Africans were, and are, in a condition of complete and total squalor. They lived, and live, in poverty. They were, and are, totally unable to construct a functioning society. What will your typical politically correct Joe say to this? Well the Blacks were denied the means to build a society like Whites and Orientals had. Africa is a continent of RICH natural resources. The Blacks in Africa were surrounded by ocean, yet never constructed a sail. They were surrounded by jungle, yet never cut a tree down. They were plagued by wild beasts, yet never built a weapon worth preserving after its use. The land was endowed with rich minerals, yet they never utilised these for progress of any kind. They were surrounded by each other, yet never devised a written language of any kind to communicate on paper or record history. Blacks in Africa had an unimaginable number of resources at hand, yet they never thought to do anything with them. If we are all equal, shouldn’t the Whites, Orientals, and Blacks all have progressed at the same rate? That would seem logical, but we didn’t. This is a fact. Just to clarify, I in no way am lying in this text. The simple fact is that I do not need to lie. The lie is equality, and to disprove it all I need to do is speak the truth. They were unable to rise above; their limit was the pathetic squalor they created. They were eventually forced into slave labour, which was of course, both morally and economically, wrong. This brings up a surprisingly common, but completely invalid argument. The argument is that the slave trade denied Africa the much needed vitality of its youth, which prevented it from advancing in parallel with the Europeans and Orientals. Well, any educated person can tell that’s simply not true. First off, they weren’t advancing in parallel when we found them, which was before we started shipping them off to the slave markets. France and Britain had sent entire armies to die at the hands of each other, and their numbers were replaced within a generation. France and Britain seemed to do just fine. So please, don’t bother trying to press that argument any further. Another common misconception (that I am also guilty of) is that Whites went and rounded up the Blacks when they wanted slaves. It was the Blacks themselves that sold their own people into slavery. Slavery is still practiced today in Africa. When the slaves were freed, we (Whites) said, alright, who wants to go home? Some Blacks said I do, so we shipped them off to the African coast, dumped them on a beach and said here you go, build what you will. They founded the country of Liberia (named for being recently liberated) and they were in fact so grateful they named their capital Monrovia after the US President Monroe. They then proceeded to enslave the indigenous population. This made up 19 times their number. So after just being freed from slavery, they proceed to enslave their own people, not only that but the slaves make up 95% of the country! A few hundred years with the White man and these people pick up a few tricks. This is to such a point that they can return to the ordinary Blacks and enslave 19 times their own number. The very notion of being recently freed from slavery and then pushing those very conditions on your own people; it’s enough to make you question the morality of their race. There is no question that Africa is a primitive place. But why is that? It certainly isn’t our fault, is it? No, Africa is the simple sum of the abilities of the Black race. This is what they can create. For those of you who live in dense, urban areas or large cities, which neighbourhood do you dare not venture to at night? The Black neighbourhood, no doubt. Maybe The Hispanic Neighbourhood? Well, whatever answer came to mind, it wasn’t “The White neighbourhood”, was it? Whites are not dangerous (by and large). We are not an aggressive people. The comparative murder rates (which I will get into later) show this. I’m not saying Whites are perfect. We are not. But as a race, we produce more of the great minds, more of the brilliant people than any other. We may produce rapists, murderers, drug dealers and thieves, but not on the scale Blacks and Hispanics do, and it is of no hindrance to our progress as a people. These claims I just made will be supported by the factual statistics later in this document. Take my word for it for the next few minutes. By now you’ll have noticed that my arguments are primarily, if not exclusively directed at Blacks. This is because they are a) the utmost extreme of cases and b) common everywhere. By this I mean if I were to argue against Mexicans, I would be alienating Canadian and British readers (In Canada and England, Mexicans are basically non-existent). Rest assured, when my point is across, it won’t matter who I’m making an example of. Blacks, as a race, are not capable of producing a sophisticated society, developing sophisticated technology, or even a written language, for that matter. If we adhere to the principle, “If you are unable to create it yourself, you are not qualified to operate It.”, then immigration seems to be an insane prospect. Allow me to explain this further. The reason we are able to say…operate computers, is because they were specifically engineered to be userfriendly. Our society has not been structured to cater to those who are less able to perform to its standards. This is why Blacks cannot immigrate here and succeed on the level equivalent to Whites. We created it to our standards, which is far beyond that of Blacks. To cater to them, we’ve already dumbed down the educational system to close the “achievement gap”, the gap between where Whites score and Blacks on standard testing. We offer extensive welfare programs which are overwhelmingly taken advantage of by non-Whites. We push the myth of racial equality so they can feel better about themselves. Is it that somehow we are responsible for them? Our justice system persecutes Whiteon- Black crime as hate crimes, but overwhelmingly not Black-on-White crime. That is an injustice. If we’re all equal, shouldn’t hate crimes be applied in an equally fair manner? We’ve grown so obsessed with not offending non-Whites with the truth that we’ve basically taken all of their problems onto our own shoulders. It extends abroad too! Suddenly it’s our responsibility to alleviate Africa of its problems. Well, I hate to break it to you, but to do that would mean removing the Blacks. The other night I was listening to some stand up comedy and this comedian said, I don’t like hockey, there's only one black thing on that ice, and they're all hitting it with a stick *laughter*, golf...on the other hand *laughter*. Now think about that for a second, why is it that a Black person can make this sort of joke, when as if it were a White comedian standing in front of that microphone, telling the joke from the opposite standpoint, how he hates golf and loves hockey because he gets to beat the black puck with a stick, no one will laugh. Why is it like that? He'd probably be brought up on charges, don’t you think? Ever hear the James Brown song,”Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”? What do you say about music that is about White pride? It’s “oi!”, it’s for Skinheads, it’s for Nazis. There is something wrong with society today if the major ethnic group to whom these White countries originally...belonged to...can be guilted into being ashamed of who they are to the point where they not only allow themselves to be ridiculed, but punish people who do the same thing from the opposite standpoint. That, is an injustice. It’s ridiculous. What gives them the right to make us feel guilty for such a thing as being proud of who WE are? Are we not allowed to be proud because White pride is associated with Nazi Germany? Think about it, what was Hitler doing? He was securing the prosperity of his people. The people in Germany were sick of poverty and immigrants ruining their society, so, as one, they rose up and took action. Is that so bad? Self defence is completely justified. White racism is justified. It is a reaction. It is a reaction to decades of oppression and injustices. ...

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