December 2012 (78)

Monday, December 31 2012

Anderson Andy - Hungary '56

Sunday, December 30 2012

Donnelly Ignatius - Atlantis The Antedeluvian World

Saturday, December 29 2012

Martin Willie - 1001 Quotes By and About Jews

Friday, December 28 2012

Phelon William P. - Our Story of Atlantis

Phelon William P. - Three sevens A story of ancient initiations

Ramaswamy Sumathi - The Lost Land of Lemuria

Shirer William Lawrence - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Thursday, December 27 2012

Mosley Oswald - Tomorrow we live

Mosley Oswald - The alternative

Mosley Oswald - My life

Mosley Oswald - Fascism

Mosley Oswald - Europe Faith and plan

Shirer William Lawrence - Berlin Diary

Wednesday, December 26 2012

Moncomble Yann - Du viol des foules à la Synarchie ou le complot permanent

Lanz Adolf-Joseph - Theozoology

Irving David - Hitler's war

Fahey Denis - The rulers of russia...

Bramwell Anna - Blood and soil

Armstrong George - World Empire

Armstrong George - The zionist

Great Books of the Western World - Volume 02 The great ideas I

Voss Johann - Black Edelweiss

Armstrong George - Third zionist war

Tuesday, December 25 2012

Serrano Miguel - Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar

Monday, December 24 2012

Fm 1-1000 - Field manual of the white army

Sunday, December 23 2012

Great Books of the Western World - Volume 12 Lucretius Epictetus Marcus Aurelius

Great Books of the Western World - Volume 03 The great ideas : II

Lee Stan - DragonSlayer

Friday, December 21 2012

Great Books of the Western World - Volume 01 The Great Conversation

Monday, December 17 2012

Woodward Mary Ann - Edgar Cayce s Story of Karma

Sunday, December 16 2012

Wilton Robert - The last days of the Romanovs

Martinez Thomas - Guinther John - Brotherhood of Murder

Drobychev Alexi - Jewish-communist brainwashing techniques

The Path of Wotan

McNallen Stephen A. - The lessons of Asgard

An Odinist anthology Selections from the Runestone

Albrecht Katherine - McIntyre Liz - Spychips

Westmoreland George - How to start and train a militia unit

FM 6-2003 Ethnic Cleansing Operations

Friday, December 14 2012

Lott John R. - More guns Less crime

Maillaud Stan - L'affaire Vincent Au cœur du terrorisme d'état

Thursday, December 13 2012

Schadewaldt Hans - The Polish Atrocities against the German Minority in Poland

Wednesday, December 12 2012

Creativity Alliance - The Creativity Alliance Handbook

Solzhenitsyn Alexander - The gulag archipelago

Walter Herbert Eugene - Genetics

Töben Fredrick - Fight or flight ?

Lucas James - Experiences of war The Third Reich

Pappe Ilan - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Monday, December 10 2012

Faurisson Robert - Ecrits Ré visionnistes

Spengler Oswald - Selected Essays

Spengler Oswald - Prussianism and Socialism

Spengler Oswald - The Hour of Decision

Spengler Oswald - Man and Technics A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

Coppola Vincent - Dragons of god

Schramm Hellmut - Jewish Ritual Murder

Der Stürmer - The Compilation of Jewish Ritual Murders from before the Time of Christ until 1932

Felderer Ditlieb - Anne Frank's diary A hoax

Sunday, December 9 2012

Steiner Rudolf - Ancient Myths

Letourneau Charles - The evolution of marriage and of the family

Letourneau Charles - Sociology based upon ethnography

Letourneau Charles - Property : its origin and development

Letourneau Charles - Biology

Friday, December 7 2012

La Cinquième Colonne en France

Tuesday, December 4 2012

The Atlanta publishing - The Frank case

Wilcock David - Shift of the ages

Wilcock David - The Science of Oneness

Wilcock David - The Divine Cosmos

Hamon Augustin Frédéric - The Universal Illusion of Free Will and Criminal Responsibility

Hamon Augustin Frédéric - Lessons of the world-war

Monday, December 3 2012

Howard Robert Ervin - Complete Works

Howard Robert Ervin - Conan Tome 3 Les clous rouges

Howard Robert Ervin - Conan Tome 2 L'heure du dragon

Howard Robert Ervin - Conan Tome 1 Conan le Cimmérien

Howard Robert Ervin - Conan Intégral du cycle

Lovecraft Phillips Howard - La chose sur le seuil

Céline - Mort à crédit

Céline - D'un château l'autre

Saturday, December 1 2012

Who rules America ?

Balder Ex-Libris
Review of books rare and missing

Balder Ex-Libris