May 2013 (68)

Friday, May 31 2013

Mullins Eustace Clarence - Les secrets de la Réserve Fédérale

Saturday, May 25 2013

Steiner Rudolf - Le monde des sens et le monde de l'esprit

Toussenel Alphonse - Les juifs Rois de l'époque

Godwin Joscelyn - The mystery of the Seven Vowels

Godwin Joscelyn - The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

Godwin Joscelyn - Mystery religions in the ancient world

Godwin Joscelyn - Music and the Occult French Musical Philosophies

Godwin Joscelyn - Athanasius Kircher A renaissance man and the quest for lost knowledge

Godwin Joscelyn - Arktos The Polar Myth

Thursday, May 16 2013

Ryssen Hervé - William Bonnefoy un Homme-libre

Ryssen Hervé - Les Espérances planétariennes

Ryssen Hervé - Les origines politico-religieuses du mondialisme Volume 1

Ryssen Hervé - Index

Ryssen Hervé - Israël et la traite des Blanches

Ryssen Herve - Cinéma sans frontieres

Ryssen Hervé - Alain Soral et la pensée compliquée

Pound Ezra Weston Loomis - The letters

Mullins Eustace Clarence - This difficult individual Ezar Pound

McCoy Alfred William - The politics of heroin in Southeast Asia

Long Huey Pierce - My first days in the White House

Jeansonne Glen - Women of the Far Right

Fay Sidney Bradshaw - Before Sarajevo The Origins of the World War Volume 1

Werner Michael - Stöckli Thomas - Se nourrir de lumière

Engelbrecht Helmuth Carol - Merchants of death

Cole Wayne Stanley - America first

Barnes Harry Elmer - Perpetual war for perpetual peace

De Vries De Heekelingen Herman - L'Orgueil juif

Wohlberg Steve - End time delusions

Watzman Haim - Archeology vs. the Bible

Warfield Benjamin B. - Counterfeit miracles

Ward Thomas - Errata of the Protestant Bible

Strange Thomas Lumisden - The Bible; is it "the word of God ?"

Some trinitarian forgeries

Roberts Jonathan M. - Antiquity unveiled

Nickell Joe - Relics of the Christ

Milner John - The End of religious controversy

Wednesday, May 15 2013

Mangasarian Mangasar Magurditch - How the Bible was invented

Levy B. Barry - Fixing God's Torah

Levisee Aaron Burton - Christianity versus Orthodox Theology

Lamb Martin Thomas - The golden Bible

Knight-Jadczyk Laura - Judaism and Christianity Two thousand years of lies 60 Years of State Terrorism

Jeffery Peter - The secret Gospel of Mark unveiled

James Thomas - A treatise of the corruptions of scripture

Inge William Raph - Truth and falsehood in religion

Griswold Alexandre Viets - The reformation A brief exposition of the errors and corruptions of the Church of Rome

Tuesday, May 14 2013

Gribben Crawford - Writing the Rapture

Gibbings Richard - Roman forgeries and falsifications

Gavin Antonio - The Frauds of Romish Monks and Priests

Fraud in the Bible or it sucks that you don't know Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic

Forbes Bruce David - Kilde Jeanne Halgren - Rapture, revelation, and the end times

Erasmus Desiderius - The Bible exposed

Ehrman Bart D. - Lost Christianities

Collette Charles Hastings - Milner refuted

Collette Charles Hastings - Dr. Wiseman's popish literary blunders exposed

Cleveland Coxe Arthur - An apology for the common English Bible

Carlson Stephen C. - The gospel hoax

Wednesday, May 8 2013

Carey P. M. - A Concise view of evidences and corruptions of Christianity

Bushby Tony - The forged origins of the New Testament

Burleigh Nina - Unholy Business

Brown Scott G. - Mark's other Gospel

Bridgett Thomas Edward - Blunders and forgeries

Boyd Jesse M. - Corruption unveiled A critical analysis of the united bible societies The Greek New Testament

Baxter Richard - Jesuit juggling Forty popish frauds detected and disclosed

Baigent Michael - The Jesus papers

Baigent Michael - Leigh Richard - The Dead Sea scrolls deception

A book of tracts

Wednesday, May 1 2013

Murdock D. M. - The Christ Conspiracy

Murdock D. M. - Christ in Egypt The Horus-Jesus connection

Balder Ex-Libris
Review of books rare and missing

Balder Ex-Libris