July 2013 (223)

Wednesday, July 31 2013

Aguila Esteban - Underground facts of the Watergate affair

Bakony Itsvan - The jewish fifth column in Islam

Tuesday, July 30 2013

Wurmbrand Richard - Marx Prophet of darkness

World-Service - How Jewry turned England into a plutocratic state

Williams Robert Henry - The untold story of medicine

Wiebe Friedrich Karl - Germany and the jewish problem

Valentin Hugo - Antisemitism

Tormay Cecile - An outlaw's diary Volume 2

Tormay Cecile - An outlaw's diary Volume 1

The ass in the lion's skin or the great jewish masque

Tesla Nikola - Discovering the future

Sullivan Kathleen - Unshackled

Socialist labor party - Socialist freedom or capitalist serfdom

Rothbard Murray Newton - The origins of the Federal Reserve

Rich Mark M. - The hidden evil

The Catholic gazette - The jewish peril and the Catholic Church

Monday, July 29 2013

Pinay Maurice - 2000 ans de complots contre l'Eglise

Pinay Maurice - The secret driving force of communism

Pinay Maurice - The plot against the Church

Perloff James - The shadows of power

Norris Henry Handley - The principles of the Jesuits

Neumann Robert - Zaharoff The armaments king

Sunday, July 28 2013

Miller Max B. - Flying saucers

Makow Henry - Illuminati

Kravchenko Victor - I chose freedom

Knight Stephen - The brotherhood

Klimov Gregory - The terror machine

Keith Jim - Mind control World control

Kah Gary H. - En route to global occupation

Josephus Flavius - The wars of the jews

Jasper William F. - The United Nations exposed

Jasper William F. - Global tyranny... step by step

Homan Robert - Newspaper control in America

Goodrick-Clarke Nicholas - The occult roots of Nazism

Saturday, July 27 2013

Ruesch Hans - L'Imperatrice nue

German propaganda leaflet's

Fry Leslie - The jews and the British Empire

Fritsch Theodor - The riddle of the jew's success

Foster William Zebulon - Toward Soviet America

Flowers Stephen Edred - Rune might

Douglas Clifford Hugh - The brief for the prosecution

Domvile Barry Edward - From admiral to cabin boy

Dobbs Zygmund - Roosevelt Archibald Bulloch - The great deceit Social pseudo-sciences

Delooze Matthew - The Illuminati monuments of Paris exposed

Conner Jacob Elon - Christ was not a jew

Boldrin Michele - Levine David Knudsen - Against intellectual monopoly

Billington James Hadley - Fire in the minds of men

Friday, July 26 2013

Bielsky Louis - The soviet-israelite claw strangles the arabs

Anstey Frank - Money power

Bakony Itsvan - What is judaism ?

Bakony Itsvan - Paranoid Judaism

Bakony Itsvan - Jews want to dominate the negroes

Bakony Itsvan - Chinese communism and chinese jews

Monday, July 22 2013

Lane A. H. - The hidden hand

Lane A. H. - The alien menace

Gohier Urbain - Le complot de l’Orléanisme et de la franc-maçonnerie contre la France et contre la république

Sunday, July 21 2013

Steele Edgar J. - Defensive racism

Windham Festus F. - A Bible treatise on segregation

Snook J. Franklin - To heal the nation

Snook J. Franklin - America needs the divine law

Smith William Benjamin - The color line

Smith Gerald Lyman Kenneth - Besieged patriot

Shufeldt Robert Wilson - The Negro A menace to American civilization

Seymour Cheri - Committee of the States

Schultz Alfred Paul - The end of Darwinism

Schultz Alfred Paul - Race or mongrel

Schaff Philip - Slavery and the Bible

Sayers James Denson - Can the White race survive ?

Randle E. H. - Plurality of the human race

Randle E. H. - Characteristics of the southern negro

Ralls J. R. - The negro problem

Pearson Roger - Eugenics and race

Lea Homer - The day of the Saxon

Saturday, July 20 2013

Le Conte Joseph - The race problem in the South

Landry Stuart Omer - The cult of equality

Faye Guillaume - Miscellaneous articles

Faye Guillaume - La colonisation de l'Europe

Faye Guillaume - «La convergence des catastrophes»

LaFlor Erst - The betrayal of the white race

Keyser Rudolph - The religion of the Northmen

Jones Winfield - Story of the Ku Klux Klan

Friday, July 19 2013

Jones Philip - Racial hybridity

Helper Hinton Rowan - The negroes in Negroland

Hearn Wiliam Edward - The Aryan household

Hart Michael H. - Understanding human history

Gregory John Walter - The menace of color

Gehring Albert - Racial contrasts

Fleming Walter Lynwood - The Ku-Klux testimony relating to Alabama

Fleming Walter Lynwood - Ex-slave pension frauds

Fleming Walter Lynwood - Deportation and colonization

Fleming John Stephen - What is Ku Kluxism ?

Eshelman M. M. - Two sticks

Dobbs Zygmund - Red intrigue and race turmoil

Coughlin Charles Edward - Father Coughlin answers his critics

Allen John Harden - Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright

Thursday, July 18 2013

Godden Gertrude M. - Russia under the red flag

Wednesday, July 17 2013

Arcand Adrien - La révolte du matérialisme

Arcand Adrien - Le communisme installé chez nous

Tuesday, July 16 2013

Mills Alexander Rud - The odinist religion overcoming jewish christianity

Mills Alexander Rud - The call of our ancient nordic religion

McGuire Hunter - Lydston George Frank - Sexual crimes among the southern negroes

Macleod Wayne - The importance of race in civilization

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan - The practice of Klanishness

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan - Klansman's manual

Hitler Adolf - Mein Kampf Michael Ford

Hawkins Gerald S. - Stonehenge decoded

Goff Kenneth - Traitors in the Pulpit

Goff Kenneth - Confessions of Stalin's agent

Goff Kenneth - Brain-washed into slavery ?

Fowler C. Lewis - The Ku Klux Klan

Fisher Sidney George - The laws of race as connected with slavery

Wright Walter Carl - Religious and patriotic ideals of the Ku Klux Klan

Stinson Mark Ludwig - Heathen Gods

Garrett Henry Edward - IQ and racial differences

Evans Hiram Wesley - The Klan's fight for Americanism

Fabricius D. Cajus - Positive Christianity in the third Reich

Monday, July 15 2013

Williams Charles - Taliessin through Loegres

White Bill - General rules for living among other people that many folk haven't seemed to learn

Vickers Vincent Cartwright - Economic Tribulation

Twain Mark - The innocents abroad

Twain Mark - Roughing it

The text of Magna Carta

The longest hatred An examination of anti-gentilism

The color of crime

The Cattle-Raid of Cooley

The big book of racialism

Tesla Nikola - The strange life of Nikola Tesla

Temple Robert K. G. - The Sirius mystery

Stauffer Thomas R. - Caust of U.S. middle east policy An economic overview

Spaight J. M. - Bombing vindicated

Smith George - The chaldean account of Genesis

Schwaller de Lubicz René Adolphe - Esoterism and symbol

Rudel Hans Ulrich - Stuka pilot

Roper Billy - PaleoAmerican ethnic diversity

Romer Steven Eric - The Textbook of the Universe

Rhome Harrell - Examining the book of Esther

Reed Lucas A. - Astronomy and the Bible

Murdock D. M. - Quotes from the Bible, Talmud and Zohar


Phear John B. - The Aryan village in India and Ceylon

Pelley William Dudley - Dupes of Judah A challenge to the american legion

Obeyesekere Donald - History of Ceylon

Nietzsche Friedrich - The Birth of Tragedy

Nietzsche Friedrich - The Antichrist

Nietzsche Friedrich - Beyond Good and Evil

Nasser Gamal Abdel - Nasser's memoirs of the first palestine war

Morris Dees Child molester, pervert, and liar

Morgenthau Henry - The Morgenthau-Plan from the Book Germany is our problem

Mitton Geraldine Edith - The lost cities of Ceylon

Mitochondrial DNA affinities at the Atlantic Fringe of Europe

Mitchell Stephen - Van Nuffelen Peter - One God Pagan monotheism in the Roman Empire

McCulloch Richard - Right and wrong racism

Mathews Cornelius - Behemoth A Legend of the Mound Builders

Macleod Wayne - The mistake of universalism

Macleod Wayne - Mind capsule

MacLeod Roy - The library of Alexandria

Machiavelli Niccolo - The seven books on the art of war

Machiavelli Niccolo - The prince

Leon Abram - The jewish question A marxist interpretation

Lawson John Davison - American state trials Volume 10

Laessoe Jorgen - People of ancient Assyria

Owens Eric - The new nationalist music

Kurreck Friedrich - Life in the third reich and The world political situation then and now

Kaegi Adolf - The Rigveda

Inan Afet - The oldest map of America drawn by Pirî Reis

Huxley Thomas Henry - On the geographical distribution of chief modifications of mankind

How Edith A. - People of Africa

The 911 commission report

Hobbes Thomas - The leviathan

Havell Ernest Binfield - The history of Aryan rule in India

Hart James - Socrates meets Jesus

Hart James - Favored races

Guerber Hélène Adeline - Myths of Northern Lands

Grant Madison - The passing of the great race

German information service - 100 documents on the origin of the war

Sunday, July 14 2013

Frazer James George - The golden bough

Fleming John - The fallen angels and the heroes of mythology

Ferrill Arther - The origins of war

Federal statistical office Wiesbaden - Statistical Pocket-Book on Expellees

Family research institute - Educational pamphlets

Dorsey Hugh Manson - Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey

Dobbins Frank Stockton - Story of the world's worship

Doane Thomas W. - Bible myths and their parallels in other Religions

De Solla Price Derek - Gears from the greeks

Darwin Charles - On the origin of species

Czaplicka Maria Antonina - Shamanism in Siberia

Custer George Armstrong - My life of the plains

Colavito Jason - Mysteries of ancient America

Catholic family association of America - Learning about homosexuality

Burge Lorenzo - Pre-glacial Man and the Aryan race

Bucke Charles - Ruins of Ancient Cities

Brunton Paul - A search in secret India

Brunton Paul - A search in secret Egypt

Bristowe Sydney - Sargon the magnificent

Blakey G. Robert - Report of Professor G. Robert Blakey

Bjerknes Christopher Jon - The manufacture and sale of Saint Einstein

Beck Roy - The ordeal of immigration in Wausau

Barnes Harry Elmer - Pearl Harbor after a Quarter of a Century

Kovalevskis Paula - Noritis Oskars - Goppers Mikelis - Baigais Gads Latvia Year of horror

Saturday, July 13 2013

Are jews intelligent ?

Ardrey Robert - The territorial imperative

Ardrey Robert - The social contract

Animal Liberation Front - Memories of freedom

Allstorm Oliver - The saddest story ever told

Adams Silas Walter - The legalized crime of banking

Vorobyevsky Yuri - Ritual murder Myth or reality

Stokes John - Scientists find extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Friday, July 12 2013

Owens Eric - J'étais prêt à mourir

Rydberg Viktor - Teutonic Mythology Gods and goddesses of the Northland

Monday, July 8 2013

Ukrainian Archive - Israel sex slave traffic

The World Government 2004

Taylor Ian T. - In the minds of men Darwin and the new world order

Schinnerer Erich - German law and legislation

Rushton John Philippe - Is race a valid taxonomic construct ?

Mckenzie Donald A. - Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

McFadden Louis Thomas - McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation

Marks John - The Search for the Manchurian The CIA and Mind Control

Macleod Wayne - Logos Cosmotheism A rational religion

Macleod Wayne - Christianity examined

Macleod Wayne - Ancestors

King Leonard William - Babylonian magic and sorcery

Kemp Arthur - Le mensonge de l'apartheid

Martigues Claire - Le pacte de Reims et la vocation de la France

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