November 2017 (28)

Saturday, November 25 2017

White Arthur Veitch - The shape of the Earth

Van Nieuwenhove Rik - Late medieval mysticism of the low countries

Haag Michael - The tragedy of the Templars

Gendzier Irène - Dying to forget

Friday, November 24 2017

Fischer Nick - Spider web

Chart and compass, sextant and sun-dial, latitude and longitude, plumbline and pendulum, globe or plane ?

Baillie John - Late medieval mysticism

Friday, November 17 2017

Dun Robert - L'âme européenne

Dun Robert - Le grand suicide

Hillard Pierre - Minorités et régionalismes dans l'Europe fédérale des régions

Thursday, November 16 2017

Brenier Flavien - Les juifs et le Talmud

Tuesday, November 14 2017

Wise Tim - White like me

Wise Tim - Under the affluence

Sunday, November 12 2017

Sinclair Ian - Vaccination The hidden facts

Mabire Jean - Légendes de la mythologie nordique

Saturday, November 11 2017

Gabler Neal - Walt Disney The triumph of the american imagination

Gabler Neal - Life The movie How entertainment conquered reality

Frankel Jonathan - The Damascus affair

Thursday, November 9 2017

Firestone Reuven - Holy war in judaism

Quinlan John Edward - The Earth a plane

Wise Tim - Dear White America

Edgell William - Does the Earth rotate ? No !

Wednesday, November 8 2017

Cook Frederick Henry - The terrestrial plane

Monday, November 6 2017

Ravage Marcus Eli - Un vrai grief contre les juifs

Saturday, November 4 2017

Göring Hermann - L'Allemagne renaît

Gabler Neal - An empire of their own How the jews invented Hollywood

Wednesday, November 1 2017

Friedman Murray - The neoconservative revolution

Wise Dennis - Adolf Hitler La plus grande histoire jamais racontée


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