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Sunday, July 29 2012

Benson Ragnar - New and Improved C-4

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : New and Improved C-4 Year : 1995 Link download : Tens of thousands of faithful readers have purchased copies of Ragnar's Guide to home and recreational Use of High Explosives, Ragnar's homemade detonators, and Homemade C-4, and  […]

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Benson Ragnar - Homemade Detonators

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : Homemade Detonators Year : 1993 Link download : Since I wrote Ragnar's Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives and Homemade C-4, probably not a single week has passed that a reader has failed to write pointing out  […]

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Benson Ragnar - Homemade C-4 A Recipe for Survival

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : Homemade C-4 A Recipe for Survival Year : 1990 Link download : Survivors generally agree that commercial explosives lend themselves best to commercial applications. Paramilitary survival explosives, as a general  […]

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Benson Ragnar - Home-built Claymore Mines

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : Home-built Claymore Mines A blueprint for survival Year : 1993 Link download : The procedures described in this manual and the resulting end products are extremely dangerous. Whenever dealing with high explosives, Special  […]

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Monday, February 27 2012

Benson Ragnar - Mantrapping

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : Mantrapping Year : 1981 Link download : Introcution. Without question, man can be the most difficult animal on earth to trap. Humans are certainly more intelligent than any other creature. Except in rare instances, however, they do not  […]

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Benson Ragnar - The Modern Survival Retreat

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : The Modern Survival Retreat A New and Vital Approach to Retreat theory and practice Year : 1983 Link download : Ragnar Benson's classic survivalist's tome, The survival retreat : A total plan for retreat defense,  […]

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Wednesday, January 4 2012

Benson Ragnar - David's Tool Kit

Author : Benson Ragnar Title : David's Tool Kit : A Citizens' Guide to taking Out Big Brother's heavy Weapons Year : 1996 Link download : What do you do wben faced witb the overwhelming firepower of rutbless authority? Fight back, that's whatl Ragnar Benson  […]

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