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Saturday, May 30 2020

Goebbels Joseph - The creators of the world’s misfortunes

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : The creators of the world’s misfortunes Year : 1945 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_The_creators_of_the_world_s_misfortunes.zip One could not understand this war if one did not always keep in mind the fact that International Jewry stands behind all the unnatural  […]

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Tuesday, December 15 2015

Goebbels Joseph - England's Responsibility for World War II

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : England's Responsibility for World War II Year : 193* Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_England_s_Responsibility_for_World_War_II.zip This article was published shortly after the war began in the Nazi Party’s illustrated weekly magazine. Joseph Goebbels makes the  […]

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Saturday, March 7 2015

Goebbels Joseph - Michael

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : Michael Pages from a German destiny Year : 1929 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_Michael.zip Introduction. Joseph Goebbels received a doctorate in literature from the University of Heidelberg in 1921. For the next two years he lived at home, writing plays, poems,  […]

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Sunday, December 8 2013

Goebbels Joseph - The jew

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : The jew Year : 1929 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_The_jew.zip There is open discussion about all questions in Germany, and every German claims the right to decide this way or that on all issues. One is Catholic, another Protestant; one is a job-seeker, another  […]

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Goebbels Joseph - Goebbels at Nuremberg

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : Goebbels at Nuremberg Year : 1934 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_Goebbels_at_Nuremberg.zip It is difficult to define the concept of propaganda thoroughly and precisely. This is especially true since, in past decades, it was subject to unfavorable, and in part  […]

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Sunday, April 8 2012

Goebbels Joseph - The "Nazi-Sozi"

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : The "Nazi-Sozi" Questions & Answers for National-Socialists Year : 1931 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_The_Nazi-Sozi.zip 10 Commandments for National-Socialists. Your country is the mainspring of your life; remember this always ! 1. Germany is your  […]

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Goebbels Joseph - Raise the Flag High !

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : Raise the Flag High ! Year : 1930 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_Raise_the_Flag_High.zip It was late in the evening and I was enjoying the rare pleasure of reading a good book. I was relaxed and at ease. The telephone rang. I picked up the phone with trepidation.  […]

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Goebbels Joseph - My part in Germany's Fight

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : My part in Germany's Fight Year : 1940 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_My_part_in_Germany_s_Fight.zip PREFACE. THE historical revolviduals and parties, have had to abandon public life in favour of new men and new ideas. The sheer speed by which the Revolution was  […]

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Goebbels Joseph - German Women

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : German Women Year : 1933 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_German_Women.zip German women, German men ! It is a happy accident that my first speech since taking charge of the Ministry for Propaganda and People's Enlightenment is to German women. Although I agree with  […]

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Goebbels Joseph - Communism with the mask off

Author : Goebbels Joseph Title : Communism with the mask off Speech delivered on Nürnberg on september 13th 1935 at the seventh national-socialist party congress Year : 1935 Link download : Goebbels_Joseph_-_Communism_with_the_mask_off.zip "There is no longer any political question at issue  […]

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