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Thursday 24 January 2013

Hammer Max - The Way Forward

Author : Hammer Max Title : The Way Forward Year : 2003 Link download : Hammer_Max_-_The_Way_Forward.zip Blood & Honour is a world-wide pan Aryan organization dedicated to the struggle for survival and prosperity of the White Race. Since the Martyr's death of its founder, Ian Stuart Donaldson,  […]

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Saturday 28 July 2012

Hammer Max - Blood & honour Field Manual

Author : Hammer Max Title : Blood & honour Field Manual Year : 2002 Link download : Hammer_Max_-_Blood_and_honour_Field_Manual.zip I dedicate this book to the memory of our martyred heroes George Lincoln Rockwell and Ian Stuart Donaldson, the prime progandists and political innovators of the  […]

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