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Sunday, April 8 2012

Hitler Adolf - Liberty Art Nationhood

Author : Hitler Adolf Title : Liberty Art Nationhood Three Addresses delivered at the Seventh National Socialist Congress, Nuremberg, 1935. The restoration of German Liberty. Art and Politics. The basis of Nationhood Year : 1935 Link download : Hitler_Adolf_-_Liberty_Art_Nationhood.zip "The  […]

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Hitler Adolf - The New Germany desires Work and Peace

Author : Hitler Adolf - Goebbels Joseph Title : The New Germany desires Work and Peace Speeches by Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler the Leader of the New Germany With an Introduction by Dr. Joseph Goebbels Year : 1931 Link download : Hitler_Adolf_-_The_New_Germany_desires_Work_and_Peace.zip  […]

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Hitler Adolf - Hitler Speeches and Proclamations

Author : Hitler Adolf - Domarus Max Title : Hitler Speeches and Proclamations Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 The Complete Hitler A digital desktop reference to his speeches and proclamations 1932-1945 Year : 1945 Link download : Hitler_Adolf_-_Hitler_Speeches_and_Proclamations.zip THE YEAR 1932 Major Events  […]

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Monday, November 28 2011

Hitler Adolf - Mein Kampf

Author : Hitler Adolf Title : Mein Kampf Year : 1924 Link download : Hitler_Adolf_-_Mein_Kampf.zip AUTHOR’S PREFACE. On April 1st, 1924, I began to serve my sentence of detention in the Fortress of Landsberg am Lech, following the verdict of the Munich People’s Court of that time. After years of  […]

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Thursday, August 18 2011

Hitler Adolf - Hitler's Table talk 1941-1944

Author : Hitler Adolf Title : Hitler's Table talk 1941-1944 His Private Conversations Year : 1953 Link download : Hitler_Adolf_-_Hitler_s_Table_talk_1941-1944.zip Saturday, 5th July 1941. Aryans and Russians—Necessity of the mailed fist in Russia—Deterioration of soil. What we need is a collective  […]

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