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Tuesday, January 22 2019

Marrs Jim - PSI spies

Author : Marrs Jim Title : PSI spies The true story of America’s psychic warfare program Year : 2000 Link download : Preface. In 1992, following the success of my book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, I began to look for other dark secrets being hidden away by the  […]

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Tuesday, January 20 2015

Marrs Jim - The rise of the Fourth Reich

Author : Marrs Jim Title : The rise of the Fourth Reich The secret societies that threaten to take over america Year : 2009 Link download : Adolf Hitler's Third Reich ended in Berlin on april 30, 1945. Thunder reverberated from a storm of Rus sian  […]

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Tuesday, August 28 2012

Marrs Jim - Rule by secrecy

Author : Marrs Jim Title : Rule by secrecy Year : 2001 Link download : Be forewarned. If you are perfectly comfortable and satisfied with your own particular view of humankind, religion, history, and the world, read no further. If you truly believe that humanity has  […]

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