Evola Julius - The Hermetic Tradition

Author : Evola Julius (Giulio Cesare Evola)
Title : The Hermetic Tradition Symbols and Teachings of the Royal Art
Year : 1931

Link download : Evola_Julius_-_The_Hermetic_Tradition.zip

For Julius Evola (1898-1974) alchemy was nor-as is generally believed-a single specialized subject concerning itself exdusively with metals and their correspondence in man, but rather a comprehensive physical and meraphysical system embracing cosmology as much as amhropnlogy (in rhe sense nf a complete knowledge of man in body, soul, and spirit).' Everyrhing-nature and supernarurecan be found in it. To Evola, hermetism and alchemy are one and the same. The goal of this system is the undersranding and expericncing of an ensoulcd "bol y" organism, replete with living powers, in whom everything is wonderfully inte:rwoven, connected to and communized with everything dse. Man stands in the middle where he is microcosm in analogy to the whole macrocosm: As above, so below-in the words of the Emerald Tabler. The alchemical symbollanguage as the expression of this universal system must therefore also have correspondenccs in all the other mysteriosophic spheres and can consequendy serve as a universal key in thcse spheres, just as, vice versa, any othcr mystery teaching bas the power to fill in the lacunae of esotericism in alchcmy. ...

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