Dilling Elizabeth - The Red Network

Author : Dilling Elizabeth
Title : The Red Network A Who's Who And Handbook Of Radicalism For Patriots
Year : 1934

Link download : Dilling_Elizabeth_-_The_Red_Network.zip

DEDICATED TO THE PROFESSIONAL PATRIOTS". Without committing them to its statements, this book is admiringly dedicated to ali those sincere fighters for American liberty and Christian principles who, because of their opposition to Red propaganda and the "new social order" of Marx and Lenin, are denounced as "professional patriots", superpatriots", "100 per centers", "patrioteers", and "Tories" by their Red opponents. Particular mention is gratefully made of those "patrioteers" who have aided and encouraged the author in her effort to bring to the sound but still sleeping portion of the American public the truth about the CommunistSocialist world conspiracy which, with its four horsemen, Atheism, Immorality, Class Hatred, and Pacifism-for-the-sake-of-Red-revolution, is boring within our churches, schools and governmen t and is undermining America like a cancerous growth. Among these are: The national headquarters of the staunch D. A. R. (of which the au thor, unfortunately, is not a member), which reprinted each article in her former pamphlet "Red Revolution" and sent copies to each chapter in the U. S. A. 'fhe D. A. R. members are the best informed body of women in America on this subject and are correspondingly detested by the Reds. Senator Clayton R. Lusk, whose gift of the most valuable and complete 4,450-page four-volume Report of the Joint Legislative Committee of the State of New York Investigating Seditious Activities, a report based upon indisputable documentary evidence made by the committee which he headed, has made available the background and information concerning the Red movement up to the year 1920, when it was issued, which is incorporated within this book. Lt. Nelson E. Hewitt, a super-expert-patriot who has devoted twelve years of his life to active statistical work and study on Red subversive activities, who edits the Advisory Associates weekly Bulletins which every "superpatriot" needs (P. O. Box. 403, Chicago) and who has given the greatest persona! aid of ail, having devoted a number of full days of his time to checking and supplying information used in this book. Francis Ralston Welsh, Philadelphia attorney and research expert on subversive activities-a real "super-patriot"-who has sent many excellent reports. Miss Margaret Kerr, executive secretary of the "professional patriots'" Better America Federation, which placed and has kept the Criminal Syndicalism Law on the statute books of California dcspite the frantic efforts of the Reds to repeal it-who bas sent valuable data. Mr. Walter Steele, manager of the "100 per centers'" National Republic magazine (511 llth St. N. W., Wash., D. C.) and author of its articles on subversive activities which are unsurpassed, who has sent excellent special information. Ali "patrioteers" need the "National Republic" (price $2.00 yearly). ... ...

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