Rassinier Paul - The real Eichmann trial

Author : Rassinier Paul
Title : The real Eichmann trial or the incorrigible victors
Year : 1962

Link download : Rassinier_Paul_-_The_real_Eichmann_trial_or_the_incorrigible_victors.zip

FOREWORD. A confirmed total pacifist, Paul Rassinier was drawn into the Communist Party in 1922 at the age of 16, by the anarchist Victor Serge. Having very quickly turned against it, he was expelled from the Party. After various attempts at unifying the workers' movement along the political lines of Souvarine, and the trade union projects of Pierre Monatte, he joined the Socialist Party on the evening of February 6th, 1934. As Secretary of the Union of Belfort, he leaned first towards Marceau Pivert, then towards Paul Faure, and attempted to popularise in Franche-Comté the pacifist viewpoints of Félicien Challaya, René Gérin, Madeleine Vernet and Louis Lecoin. In 1939 he was saved from Daladierist fury by Paul Faure. As one of the founders of the "Libé-Nord" movement (he was in the Resistance from the very start) he tried to inculcate into his comrades the idea of non-violence and the principles of total pacifism. This attitude caused him to be condemned to death by the Communist resistance; after receiving the warning coffin effigy, he only escaped pistol shots thanks to being arrested by the Gestapo (October 30th, 1943). He was deported to Buchenwald, then to Dora. On his return to France, invalided out and decorated with the Médaille de la Résistance, and Reconnaissance Française, he resumed his place at the head of the S.F.I.O. union in Belfort. He loudly proclaimed that whilst in the Resistance he had never met most of the men now speaking in its name and, firm in his own personal experience, he attacked their pretentions of having suppressed "collaboration". Rassinier was defeated in the first Constituent Assembly elections by the Communists, who kept him out by giving their votes to the far Left candidate, but he was elected at the second. He was again defeated on November 10th, 1946 through the Communists' using the same method. The state of his health did not permit his resumption of his post as professor of history and geography so he retired from public and professional life and published successively: Le Passage de la Ligne, 1948 sic Le Mensonge d'Ulysse, 1950 Le Discours de la Dernière Chance (introductory essay to a doctrine of Peace on the theme: "Neither Moscow nor Washington"), 1953 Candasse ou la huitième péché capital, 1955 Le Parlement aux mains des banques, also 1955 Ulysse trahi par les siens, which is complementary to Mensonge d'Ulysse, 1960 L'Équivoque révolutionnaire, 1961 Le Véritable Procès Eichmann ou Les Vainqueurs incorrigibles, 1962 By the same author: Passage de la ligne, (Editions Bressanes, 1948) out of print. Le mensonge d'Ulysse (Editions Bressanes, 1950) out of print. Le discours de la dernière chance (Editions de la Voix de la Paix, 1953) Introduction to a doctrine of peace. La Fin du règne de la peur (Editions de la Voix de la Paix, 1963). Une 3ème guerre mondiale pour du pétrole? (Editions de la Voix de la Paix, 1963) Le Parlement aux mains des banques (Contre-Courant, 1955) Candasse ou le huitième péché capital (L'Amitié par le Livre, 1955) Ulysse trahi par les siens (Librairie Française, 1961) Le mensonge d'Ulysse (Librairie Française, 5th ed., 1961) L'Equivoque révolutionnaire (Défense de 1'Homme, 1962) Le véritable procès Eichmann, ou Les Vainqueurs incorrigibles (Sept Couleurs, 1962) Translated abroad, in German and Spanish Le mensonge d'Ulysse, 1960 Ulysse trahi par les siens, 1961 Le véritable procès Eichmann, ou Les Vainqueurs incorrigibles, 1963 The present volume in English is a revision and completion of these three works. In preparation: Partis et politiciens devant la guerre Le Troisième testament. History of the State of Israel. ...

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