Hale Matt - The truth about 9-11 How Jewish manipulation killed thousands

Author : Hale Matt
Title : The truth about 9-11 How Jewish manipulation killed thousands
Year : 2002

Link download : Hale_Matt_-_The_truth_about_9-11_How_Jewish_manipulation_killed_thousands.zip

About Rev. Dr. Matt Hale. Rev. Dr. Matt Hale is currently an ordained minister and leader of the internationally recognized World Creativity Movement, which has bases across the United States and most European countries. While an advocate of nonviolence and change through peaceful methods, he has had an interesting life that has caused much controversy. Among Hale’s other talents (such as being a gifted orator and writer), he is an excellent violin player. He even received a partial scholarship during his undergraduate studies for his violin talent. During his undergraduate studies, he majored in Political Science at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Bradley University is a private school that has a 25 percent acceptance rate. He graduated in May 1993, having received his B.A. Later, Hale attended Southern Illinois University. He graduated on 9 May 1998, having received his Juris Doctor (doctor of law). Afterwards, he took the 12-hour Bar Exam on July 28 and 29. He passed the Bar Exam and expected to receive his license to practice law. Due to Hale’s outspoken and politically incorrect views (such as being against Israeli-terrorism), he was denied his license to practice law. He fought the Illinois Bar all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, in a victory for those who wish to suppress politically incorrect views, the Supreme Court did not allow his case to be reviewed. Hale has been trying since then to obtain his license, even trying in the state of Montana, with no luck. The Illinois Bar was just the beginning of a long string of organizations that tried to hurt Hale for his politically incorrect views. For a period of time, even his car insurance carrier sought to deny him coverage (which later changed after a lawsuit). At other times, some politically correct organizations have sought to keep him from publicly speaking in libraries. He has been maliciously attacked (both physically and verbally), and his mainstream views are often distorted by the media. In fact, most of his views are essentially the same as America’s Founding Fathers. Rev. Dr. Matt Hale actively promotes his views. He has appeared on NBC, CNN, the “Montel Williams Show,” the “Jane Whitney Show,” the “Jerry Springer Show,” and the “Geraldo” show, among others. He has also has his own online radio show and produces videos that appear on public access television. He has recently been imprisoned as a result of entrapment, and is making an appeal. ...

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