Kardel Hennecke - Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel

Author : Kardel Hennecke
Title : Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel
Year : 1996

Link download : Kardel_Hennecke_-_Adolf_Hitler_Founder_of_Israel.zip

PREFACE. Hennecke Kardel dedicated his work to "THE MOST PERSECUTED IN OUR TIME - THE TRUTH", which is not quite right, for throughout the past 2000 years the "TRUTH" with the "Holy Bible" is courageously marching on but the people are not seeking it. If they were, they would not be glorifying errors which impede evolution of the human mind. Kardel's work illustrates to what sacrifices human beings are willing to go if driven by a "superior" ideology. It shows people with their creative and destructive faculties used almost at the same time, climaxing in the "THIRTY YEAR WAR OF IDEOLOGIES", and as the Author correctly observed, it is the "SAME TIME" in the history of mankind. Americans should know it best for their "SAME TIME" commenced 200 years ago with a short disruption by the Civil War. Americans - not segregated by religious orientation like Jews, who introduce themselves as such everywhere. It is a good sign that a German Jew Dietrich Bronder in his book "Bevor Hitler Kam" ("Before Hitler Came") (POST, r.71) has revealed to what extent the Israelites' dream of subduing the world influenced social life of Teutons (Germans) during their 1000 year history (some say 500 year), branded by Lucy S. Dawidowicz as the "WAR AGAINST JEWS" (POST, r.72) D. Bronder undoubtedly sent a message to the Israeli-Judaites that the biblical dream after the "THIRTY YEAR WAR OF IDEOLOGIES" is impossible to materialize. The message is also a memento to those who are praying "Next Year In Jerusalem", for those prayers keep their children separate from other cultures in their own kindergartens and elementary schools. No wonder then when they later discover with astonishment that the Gentiles do not accept them. (POST. r. 99) Just a few titles of the bibliographical sources, marked POSTSCRIPT (POST.), reference (r.), or footnotes (n.) permit one to obtain a good picture about what the brilliant (literally) minds during the last 500 years have been preoccupied with while the rest of the World, since Christopher Columbus and Nicolaus Copernicus, is going from false gods to the Jeffersonian "Nature's God". The Publisher tries to implement Jefferson's intuition in a separate booklet under the title "NATURE'S GOD" by converging science with beliefs. For after acceptance of the theory of evolution by the Holy See, the humankind in the third Millennium A.D. should enrich its intuition and lay a new foundation for the "Nature's God" via sciences. The booklet is available from the Publisher upon request. Publisher ...

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