Weintraub Ben - The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism

Author : Weintraub Ben
Title : The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism Keystone of the New World Order
Year : 1995

Link download : Weintraub_Ben_-_The_Holocaust_Dogma_of_Judaism.zip

From present-day historians and authorities, we hear— Willis Carto, in the Afterword to Best Witness by Michael Collins Piper:1 The evil lie of the dimensions of "The Holocaust" is not a take-it-or-leaveit subject for others. It encompasses the most important issues facing Americans .... Unless public perception of "The Holocaust" can be changed from the artificial and false to the truth, there is no stopping our decline. Ernst Zundel, in the Power Newsletter of July 15, 1995: The problem is that the German oligarchy and the Jewish/Zionist/Marxist racketeers who have conned the Germans, the Americans and the whole world with their Holocaust extortion scheme, are both depending for their own survival on the non-exposure of this fraudulent, parasitic enterprize. ... It has become a quasi-criminal enterprize, an octopus-like industry with its own lobby, promoters, legal arm, public relations branch—even enforcers. . . . They have become a public menace and a threat to freedom and constitutional government. Dr. Robert Brock, publisher of this book: This book contends, as I do, that the Holocaust Museums built with U.S. taxpayers' money are an unconstitutional violation of the separation of church and state doctrine since they promote one religion over others and one people's alleged suffering above other ethnic groups such as that of the millions of black slaves brought from Africa by Jewish slave-trade promoters in pre-Civil War America. This book proves the number 6 million to be a symbolic-magical number with a religious meaning and that the Holocaust is part of the religious dogma of Judaism. How then can it be taught in American public schools under the guise of "history" when no part of the dogma may be questioned or disputed? Can a challenge to the forced teaching of The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism in American public schools be brought to the Judicial Bar of Justice? This book has cut the Gordian knot of the Holocaust dogma that has hung around the necks of the German and American people for the past 50 years. Cosmo Publishing Co. is interested in universal justice for all, not just for a Chosen minority. Coming to light on this 50th anniversary of D-Day, fifty years of brainwashing of an intensity never before experienced by modern civilization, Cosmo Publishers hope you will gain insight into the suffering of all people who are forced to live with a lie. Join us in spreading the truth while we are still free to do so. ...

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