Icke David - ...and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Author : Icke David
Title : ...and The Truth Shall Set You Free
Year : 1996

Link download : Icke_David_-_and_The_Truth_Shall_Set_You_Free.zip

The stunning exposé of the hidden agenda behind global affairs that has proved so astonishingly accurate in predicting current events. Introduction to the 21st century edition. It is now ten years since the first edition of this book was produced against all the odds. The publishers of my earlier books refused to even contemplate the publication of this one because of the names it named and because the agenda for global dictatorship that it reveals was far beyond the absorption or credibility threshold of their 'New Age' minds. The horizon was filled with disappearing backsides and clouds of dust, and, for all I know, they may still be running. Or, given how successful this book and subsequent ones have been, maybe they have learned a big, big lesson. Running away from things we don't want to face is never the answer. It just delays, often briefly, removing the control of that which we fear. Either way, to publish this book originally I had to borrow £15,000 from a friend in Liverpool, David Solomon, and set up a company called Bridge of Love Publications to publish what no-one else would. I also called on the help of others who had 'coincidently' come into my life in the weeks before - Alice Ferguson, artist Neil Hague and book designer, Sam Masters, who has designed all the books that have followed. It was a challenge to do it all from scratch, but what satisfaction it has brought with the years. In terms of the 'this world' level of the global conspiracy it is still the most important book I have written and will probably continue to be so until the day I leave this realm of manipulated illusion. In the decade that has followed, the themes and predictions of And The Truth have proved to mirror the events that have unfolded across the world. This has included the blatant use of 'Modified Hegelianism', or 'problem-reaction-solution' as I call it, to covertly create a problem to which the authorities can openly offer a 'solution' - changes in society to advance the global Big Brother, fascist state, that, without the 'problem,' would be rejected by the public. The horrific attacks of September 11th were a classic example of this with the attacks (problem) leading to the response of 'something must be done' (reaction) that has allowed the destruction of basic freedoms, rights and privacy and the launch of the thoroughly bogus 'war on terrorism' (solution). See Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster for the detailed background. You will see as you read this book that in the mid-1990s the force behind 21st century events was exposed in great detail, as was the agenda it was following. Therefore, predicting then what is happening now did not require a 'prophet' - merely the dedicated study and exposure of the network that controls the governments, banking system, global corporations, military decision making and ownership of the media. Today, thanks to the work of dedicated researchers, vastly more people are becoming aware of the global conspiracy than were in those lonely days when And The Truth was first published; and if I had to name the achievements in my life of which I am most proud, this book would be very close to the top. David Icke. Ryde, Isle of Wight July 2004 ...

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