Corti Egon Caesar - The Rise of the House of Rothschild

Author : Corti Egon Caesar
Title : The Rise of the House of Rothschild
Year : 1928

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FOREWORD. Historians, in interpreting the nineteenth century, have laid stress on many and various aspects of the period under study; and descriptions of isolated periods, single episodes, and individuals are scattered amongst hundreds and even thousands of books. On the other hand, certain special features of the period under consideration have been, for various reasons, entirely neglected. An example of such neglect is the ignoring by historians of the role played by the Rothschild family in the history of the nineteenth century, and the object of this work is to appraise the important influence of this family on the politics of the period, not only in Europe but throughout the world. For, strangely enough, the influence of the Rothschilds is barely mentioned, or at the most casually referred to, in otherwise comprehensive and painstaking historical treatises. Special literature dealing with the House of Rothschild usually falls into one of two groups, either fulsome paeans of praise commissioned by the House itself, or scurrilous pamphlets inspired by hatred—both equally unpleasant. There are, however, two works of serious value in existence, which are partially compiled from legal documents, but they are of small scope. One is by an employee of the Rothschilds, Christian Wilhelm Berghoeffer, and the other is the impartial work of Dr. Richard Ehrenberg; but these treat only of isolated incidents in the history of the House, and throw no light on its pan-European importance. The object of the present work, which deals with the period 1770-1830, is to trace the rise of the House of Rothschild from its small beginnings to the great position it attained, culminating in the year of its great crisis. ...

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