Benson Ragnar - The Modern Survival Retreat

Author : Benson Ragnar
Title : The Modern Survival Retreat A New and Vital Approach to Retreat theory and practice
Year : 1983

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Ragnar Benson's classic survivalist's tome, The survival retreat : A total plan for retreat defense, provided practical information for people preparing for a possible foreign invasion or the chaotic aftermath of a nuclear war. But in light of shocking events that have occured since that book's publication in 1983, Ragnar has come to the conclusion that retreaters must defend against a new but equally formidable enemy - our own government. The deadly actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco are but two of the more blatant examples of government use of overwhelming force against American citizens. Today people must also contend with a host of regulators, bureaucrats, and other officiais who want ta micromanage how we work, play, interact, and simply live. But make no mistake aboutit-if you attempt ta defy these authorities in the open, you will be taken dawn, often at the point of a gun. You will lose your freedom, and you could lose your life. ln the face of this new threat, Ragnar revisits the factors thot go into planning and using a survival retreat today. Besides discussing such nuts-and-bolts items as picking a retreat location and stocking it, he provides provocative answers ta such vital issues as: • ldentifying the enemy-ldentifying which organization or agency is the real threat ta your freedom is the single most important preparation for the modern retreater. • Recognizing trip wire events-it doesn't help ta have a fully stocked operational retreat if you don't know when ta occupy it before it's tao lote. • Finding like-minded retreaters- Traditional and new approaches ta this tricky problem . • What to expect when the government goes hardcore against you- Ragnar reveals the surveillance hardware, the relentless public relations campaign, and the weapons of moss destruction thot will be brought ta bear on you and your fellow retreaters ... and a host of new ways ta foil these threats. A retreat is a place ta go and live, not a place ta be cornered in and die. Find out how you con maximize your chances of survival in a retreat and live ta enjoy a free world. ...

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