Von Däniken Erich - Chariots Of The Gods

Author : Von Däniken Erich
Title : Chariots Of The Gods Was God an astronaut ?
Year : 1968

Link download : Von_Daniken_Erich_-_Chariots_Of_The_Gods.zip

Chariots of The Gods? Introduction. It took courage to write this book, and it will take courage to read it. Becauseits theories and proofs do not fit into the mosaic of traditional archaeology,constructed so laboriously and firmly cemented down, scholars will call itnonsense and put it on the Index of those books which are better leftunmentioned. Laymen will withdraw into the snail-shell of their familiar world when faced with the probability that finding out about our past will be evenmore mysterious and adventurous than finding out about the future.Nevertheless one thing is certain. There is something inconsistent about ourpast, that past which lies thousands and millions of years behind us. The pastteemed with unknown gods who visited the primaeval earth in manned space-ships.Incredible technical achievements existed in the past. There is a mass of know-how which we have only partially rediscovered today.There is something inconsistent about our archaeology! Because we find electricbatteries many thousands of years old. Because we find strange beings in perfectspace suits with platinum fasteners. Because we find numbers with fifteendigits—something not registered by any computer. But how did these early menacquire the ability to create these incredible things?There is something inconsistent about our religion. A feature common to everyreligion is that it promises help and salvation to mankind. The primitive godsgave such promises, too. Why didn't they keep them? Why did they use ultra-modern weapons on primitive peoples? And why did they plan to destroy them?Let us get used to the idea that the world of ideas which has grown up over themillennia is going to collapse. A few years of accurate research has alreadybrought down the mental edifice in which we had made ourselves at home.Knowledge that was hidden in the libraries of secret societies is beingrediscovered. The age of space travel is no longer an age of secrets. Spacetravel, which aspires to suns and stars, also plumbs the abysses of our past forus. Gods and priests, kings and heroes emerge from the dark chasms. We mustchallenge them to deliver up their secrets, for we have the means to find outall about our past, without leaving any gaps, if we really want to.Modern laboratories must take over the work of archaeological research.Archaeologists must visit the devastated sites of the past with ultra-sensitivemeasuring apparatus.Priests who seek the truth must again begin to doubt everything that isestablished.The gods of the dim past have left countless traces which we can read anddecipher today for the first time because the problem of space travel, sotopical today, was not a problem, but a reality, to the men of thousands ofyears ago. For I claim that our forefathers received visits from the universe inthe remote past. Even though I do not yet know who these extra-terrestrialintelligences were or from which planet they came, I nevertheless proclaim thatthese 'strangers' annihilated part of mankind existing at the time and produceda new, perhaps the first, homo sapiens.This assertion is revolutionary. It shatters the base on which a mental edificethat seemed to be so perfect was constructed. It is my aim to try to provideproof of this assertion.My book would not have been written without the encouragement and collaborationof many people. I should like to thank my wife, who has seen little of me athome during the last few years, for her understanding. I should like to thank myfriend Hans Neuner, my travelling companion for many thousands of miles, for hisunfailing and valuable help. I should like to thank Dr Stehlin and Louis Emrichfor their continuous support. I should like to thank all the NASA personnel atHouston, Cape Kennedy and Huntsville who showed me round their magnificentscientific and technical research centres. I should like to thank Professors DrWerhner von Braun, Dr Willy Ley and Bert Slattery. I should like to thank allthe countless men and women around the globe whose practical help, encouragementand conversation made this book possible. Erich Von Daniken ...

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