Savitri Devi - And Time Rolls On

Author : Srimati Savitri Dëvi Mukherji (Maximine Portaz, Maximiani Portas)
Title : And Time Rolls On The Savitri Devi Interviews
Year : 1978

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. I wish to thank ali the people who made this book possible: chief among them are Ernst Zündel, for providing a copy of the interview tapes and giving his permission to publish these edited transcripts, and Ryan Schuster, for paying to have them transcribed; Ingrid Rimland for ber support and assistance; Joe Pryce, for the arduous but invaluable labor of checking the original transcripts against the tapes; Beryl Cheetham for providing the photograph that appears on the front jacket flap, for pointing out errors in the edited transcripts, and for giving me ber correspondence with Savitri and with Muriel Gantry, which proved a treasure trove of useful information; D.A.R. Sokoll and John Morgan for their eagle-eyed editing; M.H. for providing information for the notes and bibliography and pointing out errors in the edited transcripts; M.L. for giving me Savitri's correspondence with O.L. and for pointing out errors in the transcripts; Georg and Magdlen Schrader for providing their correspondence with Savitri, their recollections of ber stay with them, and the German translation of "1953"; Colin Jordan for the gift of a copy of Gold in the Furnace that Savitri originally gave to Françoise Dior; William Pierce for supplying materials for the bibliography and notes; Kevin Alfred Strom for Savitri's correspondence with Revilo P. Oliver and information for the bibliography; Christian Bouchet and Alexander Baron for information for the bibliography; Matt Koçhl for copies of Savitri's correspondence with him and with George Lincoln Rockwell, another treasure trove of information; Miguel Serrano, Martin Kerr, and S.G.D. for copies of their correspondence with Savitri, which proved extremely useful for identifying a number of proper names; and Terry Cooper, Diana Hughes, Nefertiti Saleh, Mark Weber, and others who wish to remain anonymous for providing information for the notes. Georg and Magdlen Schrader took Savitri into their home for six weeks in 1982. It was one of ber happiest times during ber last, sad, nomadic year. In an undated letter to Beryl Cheetham from July or August 1982, Savitri writes, "I have been very happy-in spite of my declining eyesight and stiffening body-among these extraordinarily kind, understanding, and extremely weli-informed friends. Many a time 1 have felt ashamed of my own poor knowledge-especialiy conceming German medieval and later history-when compared to theirs. Frau Schrader is ali the more praiseworthy that during ber school days, there And Time Rolls On was in Germany no teaching of history at ali for children or adolescents. She leamt the lot by herself, in well-chosen books (far better than the amount of falsehood that one leams nowadays in schools not only in Germany but everywhere in Europe!). As for Herr Schrader, he is a real scholar, whose talk is for me a delectation." Because of their help to Savitri, and to me, I dedicate this book to them. R.G. Fowler ...

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