Lincoln Rockwell George - Collection of Works

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : Collection of Works - White Power, In Hoc Signo Vinces, What We Stand For, White Self-Hate, From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall, Battle Song, The Fable Of The Ducks And Hens, This Time The World.
Year : 1967

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THIS TIME the traitors will not be able to find any group of White Men anywhere who will listen to their lies and go and murder the Jews' enemies for them. There will be no place to place to start their eternal game of friendly subversion of their unsuspecting place to generate their infernal hates and fratricidal wars ... no place to set up their anvil of capitalist exploitation and their hammer of Communist revolution and slaughter. THIS TIME the traitors will have only one place left in which they can at last find respite from the insane hatemonster which has been eating out their diseased hearts for six thousand years! ... And we shall provide that final solace. With deadly, incredible irony, fate is now repeating what happened in Germany - on a world - wide scale! THIS TIME we shall not be soft-hearted and gentle like the Great Man who refused to use his tanks to slaughter the helpless British at Dunkirk because he believed even Churchill had some honor and loyalty to Britain and the White Race left. THIS TIME we shall not be content with "minding our own business" here while the Jews stir up another, world war to wash us away in oceans of irreplaceable White blood! THIS TIME we shall not permit traitors to "escape" so that they can move in and betray them as the German Communist Jews did to America. None shall pass or escape retribution, not one! THIS TIME we shall not put our faith in anything or anybody but ourselves, and our unshakable will, impelled onward by an inscrutable destiny which has already demonstrated its determination to resurrect the good whenever it is crucified by evil, as it is now all over the wretched planet. THIS TIME we shall not rest nor lower our arm until the very last human rat and red snake is beaten to death, no matter how they squirm and crawl from pole to pole or from mountain top to jungle swamp! THE LAST TIME our leader showed the way to victory in one single area of the earth. "Today Germany!" he predicted "TOMORROW THE WORLD!!" Now it is TOMORROW! Now is the time, White Men! THIS TIME THE WORLD!!! HEIL HITLER!!! ...

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