Lincoln Rockwell George - How to Get Out or Stay Out of the Insane Asylum

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : How to Get Out or Stay Out of the Insane Asylum
Year : 1960

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The imposing Municipal Court Room of the District of Columbia was jammed with Negroes and Negro policemen as batch after batch of the dregs of humanity were dredged up from the drunk tanks below and herded into court for their one and two minute "trials". Judge Neilson on the bench was noted for his severe sentences and harsh judgments, and my men and I sat for hours watching him mete out two and three month sentences in jail to defendants on an assembly line schedule. We were waiting for our turn to face the old judge. It was July 6, 1960, and we were all charged with "Disorderly Conduct", the same offense for which many were getting three months in jail. Our "offense" had consisted in trying to speak on the Mall in D. C., as we had done successfully and peacefully for over three months. But, on July 3rd, after the riot in the court house in New York City, the Jews were hysterical with rage and had been calling both our headquarters and the Department of National Capital Parks to threaten violence if we tried to speak again. Harold Thompson, the Director of the National Capital Parks had called on the phone to warn us that he doubted the police could protect us any longer, and sought to dissuade us from speaking any more. When this did not intimidate us, he sent us an official letter by special messenger again warning us that if we tried to speak again, the police might be unable to save us, and urging us to stop speaking, or move to a more isolated spot. He begged us at least to place all our men inside of the roped enclosure he setup around our speaking stand, instead of having them in the crowd where they could keep the attention of the most violent Jews and prevent a mob from getting organized. We had painted a huge sign saying; "WARNING: U.S. Officials warn us that certain groups may riot here to prevent us from speaking. They seek to create disorder because they don't dare let you hear and judge our facts for yourself! Keep order! I drilled our brave little band of men over and over in the tight discipline necessary to avoid being arrested for "disorderly conduct" no matter how much they were provoked by the hysterical Jews. They were told not to fight unless physically attacked, even if spit on, as we were. The week before the riot, we had 26 of our troopers on hand in case of attack by the Jews or Negroes, but, by some stroke of fate only eleven had been able to attend on July 3rd, and one of these was a newspaper spy who hid when the fight began, and another was a volunteer wind-bag from Florida who ran out of the ring when the Jews struck. For an hour an a half, after we arrived to speak at two P.M., we tried our best to speak as we always had, but over two-hundred and fifty Jew toughs and hoodlums put up such an unearthly roar of filthy insults and challenges to fight that I was never able to get past "My fellow Americans". ...

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