Lincoln Rockwell George - Playboy interview George Lincoln Rockwell Candid conversation

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : Playboy interview George Lincoln Rockwell Candid conversation
Year : 1966

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A candid conversation with the fanatical führer of the american nazi party. "Genocidal maniac!" "Barnum of the bigots!" These are among the more temperate epithets hurled regularly-along with eggs, paint, pop bottler, rocks and rotten vegetables-at George Lincoln Rockwell, self-appointed Fiihrer of the American Nazi Party and self-styled messiah of white supremacy and intransigent anti-Semitism. Reveling in his carefully cultivated role as a racist bogeyman, he has earned-and openly enjoys-the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most universally detested public figure in America today; even the Ku Klux Klan, which shares his Jew-hating, segregationist convictions, has oficially disowned and denounced him. Until his rise to notoriety, hozueuer, like that of the pathological Austrian paper hanger whose nightmare drenm of Aryan world conquiest he still nurtures, Rockwell would have been first on anyone's list of those least likely to succeed as a racist demagog-or even to become one. The older of two sons born to "Doc" Rockwell, an old-time vaudeville comic, he spent his childhood years being shuttled back and forth between his divorced parents' homes-his mother's place in rural Illinois and his father's summer cottage on the of Maine, where he was dandled and indulged by Doc's everpresent house guests (including such showbiz cronies as Frrd Allen, Benily Goodman, Groucho Marx and Walter Winchell). Rockwell entered Brown University in 1938 and quickly became known arnong the faccilty as a practical-joking, insubordinate student of doubtful promise. Though he spent less time studying than drawing cartoons for the campus humor magazine, he managed somehow to get passing grades; and he began to court the coed who was to become his first wife. Dropping out of school at the end of his sophomore year to enlist in the Navy, Rockwell finally got married, in late 1941, after completing his training as a fighter pilot-lust in time to get shipped overseas when the War broke out. Stationed in the South Pacific, he was commanding a Navy attack squadron at Pearl Harbor when the War ended. He mustered out in late 1745, returned to Maine and took mp belated r tso ur of duty zuas completed in 1954, he moved to Washington, D. C., and made still another illfated effort to beconze a breadwinnerthis time as the publisher of U. S. Lady, a special-market iuomen's magazine aimed at what he felt was an untapped readership of military wives; because of financial pressures, he was forced to sell out after the first few issues. I n desperation, nfter a futile campaign to persuade well-heeled right-wing businessmen to underwrite his burgeoning but undefined political ambitions, he packed his wife and their few belongings into a car-drawn trailer and hit the road as a traveling salesman. No great shakes at this kind of work, either, he left more than one town ernptli-handed and dead broke; but his wife managed somehow to keep food on the table. ...

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