Lincoln Rockwell George - This time the World

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : This time the World
Year : 1960

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The author gratefully acknowledges the inspiration he received in his political career from three great Americans: Senator Joseph McCarthy, General Charles Lindbergh, General Douglas MacArthur. (No implication is here intended that these men are or were members of the American Nazi Party.) In addition, not only the author, but the entire White Race and the American Republic owe an incalculable debt to three men who actually helped in the creation of the only real counter-force openly opposing the International Zionist-Bolshevik, race-mixing criminal conspiracy, The American Nazi Party: Floyd Fleming who has risked his life and his security; my Deputy Commander, Major J.V. Kenneth Morgan, who has loyally stood by me in countless bloody battles with the terrorists; and DeWest Hooker, who first taught me to know the cunning and evil ways of the enemy. DEDICATION TO: ADOLF HITLER! Like spiritual giants before you - you were cursed and driven to death by spiritual pygmies for daring to stand up for a new and vital truth. Your heroic people lie silent, bound in golden chains and torn between the two criminal gangs of Bolsheviks and Zionists. I helped to bomb and burn millions of your brave young men. Your blue-eyed young mothers were raped and murdered by Soviet and Negro savages. The millions of little blond boys and girls you loved so well lie moldering in acres of devastation and ruin. Millions of my fellow Americans, British, French and others of our racial comrades, all as ignorant as I once was, were slaughtered and maimed fighting for these same two filthy gangs of Zionists and Bolsheviks. The Weltfeind cringes like the Devil at the sign of the cross. Your mighty spirit has inspired millions with the Holy Truth. From all over the earth, faintly at first, comes the sound of marching boots - louder and louder they grow! Listen! They are singing! "Die Fahne Hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!" Out of the mud and slime of lies, your holy red, white and black Swastika has been flung back into the skies in Virginia, United States of America, and we pledge you our lives, Adolf Hitler, that we shall not flag or fail until we have utterly destroyed the forces of Marxism and darkness. HEIL HITLER! "It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right." PREFACE. When one becomes as controversial as Lincoln Rockwell, writing an autobiographical book presents monumental problems which do not confront most other writers. I have already experienced a major assault on my liberty when several multi-million dollar Jewish organizations combined to dig up material as far back as my college days at Brown University in 1938, and got me committed to an insane asylum "for observation". They fondly hoped and gleefully told each other in the Jewish press that I would be permanently locked up as a lunatic. By demonstrating not only my sanity, but the rationality of my actions and ideas, I succeeded in winning over even a Jewish psychiatrist, along with many others, and in being released in only ten days, although I was ordered to the observation lock-up by the court for thirty days! But I am not so naive that I imagine that will be the end of the matter. The same groups still have their millions and their hate-crazed fanatics who cannot answer or stop my arguments and ideas, and who must therefore stop me personally, or else be exposed and driven out for the villains they are. They will seize on this book like starved vultures and comb it for new evidence of the insanity they must prove against me or stand convicted themselves. Under these circumstances, it is frightening to think what they can or will try to do with the honest little confessions of human foibles and mistakes which I believe are due from an autobiographer to his readers, if the work is not to be a disgusting piece of self-adulation. I am also aware that the revelation of intimate and sometimes less-than-heroic acts of foolishness or even wickedness -acts committed by ANY human being, but usually glossed over and hidden - will make it more difficult later on to establish the political legend about my person which will be necessary to provide the White race with the strong leadership it must have if White Western civilization is to survive. This conscious building of a masterful father-image capable of leadership has always been vital to the masses of common people here and everywhere else. Nevertheless, in spite of the probable use of my candid honesty by my enemies to make another attempt on my sanity, and in spite of threat to my dignity as a national leader, I intend to reveal even somewhat embarrassing episodes in my personal history which I believe are genuinely revelatory of my own nature as it shaped and was shaped by the people and events teeming around me in a chaotic world. This book is directed more to the intellectual circles, presently drowning in oceans of Marxism which have inundated all our colleges and universities, than it is to the masses of common people, for whom the knowledge that I am an exponent of gas chambers for Jewish (and all other) Communist traitors is sufficient understanding of my philosophy. I do not overly concern myself, therefore, with the probable exploitation of my self-revealed foibles and weaknesses, because my enemies are already having a field day lying about me with far more virtuosity than they could display if they confined themselves to what I write here. The masses will not , cannot, read this book. In spite of their mental set, the intellectuals will understand it and, perhaps, admit its sincerity and cogency. I have therefore included these "juicy" items in this first edition and will see that they disappear from view as I reach a wider circle. But this work has another formidable difficulty because of my current notoriety as the wild and wooly monster of politics. Every name I mention, for good or evil, with praise or with curses, becomes a target for enormous forces of which the average man knows little or nothing. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, with an annual budget of six million dollars to "protect" the Jews from attacks and to destroy "anti-Semites", will latch onto this volume with sharpened claws and tear it apart, word by word, searching for every weak point at which I, or those who are or were connected with me can be reached, pumped or attacked. For the cost of one volume, they will get what it would take years for their paid agents to search out of dusty files, and they will get the facts herein from me which they could never get in any other way at all. The book will thus boomerang on me, not only as material to railroad me for another possible trip to the booby hatch, but as material for all sorts of painful personal attacks on myself and the people I love: my family, friends, associates and Party comrades. But again, this must be. It is a calculated risk , just as all my other activity has been. I was aware of the possibilities when I hung up the Swastika, but did it nevertheless, as I calculated the gains would outweigh the agony and inevitable losses - which they have done most satisfyingly. The unmistakable honesty and sincerity of this volume will, I expect, win me the virile young intellectuals I now need. And that sincerity would be impossible, were I to hide all my weaknesses or mistakes and glorify my successes. Finally, it is utterly impossible to write the book without hurting people I love - my family. So far in my political career, I have protected them from the kind of unfair attacks I must suffer to the best of my ability. I had no right to jeopardize them so long as my career was such an impossible and wild gamble. It is still a gamble - but no longer wild or impossible. It is now, regardless of what wishful thinkers or the ignorant may howl, quite probable that I will achieve leadership as President of the United States in 1973, exactly as I have achieved, step-by-step, the other goals in my plans, either on time, or ahead of time. The publication of this book, in spite of the multi-million dollar forces which have been deployed against me and the book, is just one example of this predicted and enforced progress. It is therefore inevitable that my relatives will sooner or later be exposed to the publicity and vicious attacks which are the only answer of the Jews and Communists to our logic and arguments. My relatives, my children and those who have been close to me are inescapably a part of my life, and I had rather present them to the public truthfully and with love, than have them splashed and smeared across the pages of scandal magazines. To my family, who I am sure cannot yet understand me or my activities any more than most of the rest of the people, I can only say that I have done my best to write the book as it MUST be written for a cause I hold more dear than my own life, and yet spare the good people who had such a large share in making me whatever it is I am now and will be later. After three years of desperate battling for an idea and goal I believe is of paramount importance to the survival of humanity, and after two years of fighting, I believe I am not making an empty boast when I say that I will one day soon amply repay my family for whatever they are made to suffer because of persecution from those hypocrites who hate me and this book, but pretend to be lovers of intellectual freedom. I also owe the reader a word of explanation as to my attitude toward myself. I believe that modesty is either a virtue made utterly necessary by the fact that the possessor is indeed of only modest mental stature, or else it is disgusting hypocrisy of the most revolting kind. A truly superior mind, which can apprehend the mightiest facts and ideas in the universe - facts which are unthinkable to the millions and billions of human beings, can surely perceive its own relationship to those depressing billions of empty heads. Such a great mind can surely realize its own altitude with regard to the worm-like minds which squirm and crawl by the billions in the mud of life. And when such a mind becomes thoroughly aware of the gift which Nature has bestowed upon it, it is an act of gross dishonor to make a mealy-mouthed pretense to be "just one of the stupid herd" in order to curry favor with the army of idiots, and be able to lower one's eyes modestly, while the forces of organized boobery extol one's genius. It is not necessary, to be sure, to go about boasting and whooping about one's gifts, but, when one has discovered and proved masterful superiority in his chosen field, I believe it is proper and honorable to be proud and conscious of that superiority, exactly as our Viking forebears were not ashamed to stand manfully forth with tales of their own prowess and courage in battle. In exactly that sense, then, I am prepared to set forth my story, the good with the bad. I am neither afraid to admit my mistakes, nor am I afraid to lay claim to my own genius. What the world may be not yet ready to admit, I will wring from it by simple demonstration - in combat. Lincoln Rockwell, Commander American Nazi Party of the World Union of National Socialists. ...

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