Yockey Francis Parker - Yockey : Four Essays

Author : Yockey Francis Parker (Ulick Varange)
Title : Yockey : Four Essays - Tragedy of Youth, Prague Treason Trial (What is behind the hanging of eleven jews in Prague?), The Destiny of America, The World in Flames
Year : 19**

Link download : Yockey_Francis_Parker_-_Yockey_Four_Essays.zip

PUBLISHER'S FOREWORD. The following four essays by Francis Parker Yockey span a period of approximately twenty years. Because there exists no extensive collection of Yockey material, a wider selection of articles could not be gathered. Everything for this booklet was carefully rescued from various sources, public and private, authenticated and photo-reproduced directly from the originals by offset lithography Ail of Yockey' s essays are complete, to include minor typographical errors found in two manus cri pts. Thefirstessay, TRAGEDY OF YOUTH, appearedintheAugust 21, 1939 edition of SOCIAL JUSTICE, Father Charles Coughlin' s hard-hitting weekly, the largest and most influential non-Interventionist periodical of the time. Note the tell-tale sub-headline: Their Generation, Now Unemployed, Must Fight the War, Then Become Slaves in Red State That Follows. In this early article (Yockey was not quite twenty-two) the reader is introduced to the characteristics which were to mark aU his writings: a sharp, terse, critical style, embelli shed only by his severe logic and insight. Sorne of the terminology in TRAGEDY oF Y0UT H appears dated and a bit journalistic. Let us not forget that in the closing hours of the Golden Decade, Western Youth was still imbued with an overflowing Hope, their Aryan innocence bad not been dashed upon the flaming wreckage of Europe, the wasted landscape of an impotent America - the gift presented to us in 1945 by the lovers of brotherhood and guardians of culture. The second essay, PRAGUE TREASON TRIAL, was written by Yockey in Europe while he was operating underground, pursued by the hyenas of the Establishment. The manuscript was circulated by Yockey supporters in America as a mimeographed 'press release' dated December 20, 1952. Originally titled WHAT IS BEHIND THE HANGING OF ELEVEN JEWS IN PRAGUE ? , it is a controversial analysis of the Rudolf Slansky trial which was convened in Prague, Czechoslovakia in late November, 1952. Again, the knife-edged accuracy with which Yockey predicted the present situation in the Middle East, even Russia' s involvement and the reduction of America to the role of foutwipe for World Zionist pressure, is shocking and timely prophesy, the work of a mind that projected in decades, not days. Agree or disagree with a few fine points, the total content of the article is of immense importance; what with ali the discussion of "jewish Soviet" versus "Great Russia" in the air today, his words take on new and vital meaning. The third essay, DESTINY OF AMERICA, is a relatively little known work which was issued in mimeograph format in January, 1955. Yockey at once praises and condemns America at mid-century. He outlines the things that made America great: Will-to-power, White Racism, Aggressiveness, Spirit of Sacrifice - the ingredients of mighty civilizations. He is horrified by the distorted and repellent freak that America bad become. Yockey' s words will do much to unsettle the 'Middle American' in his money-thinking and silly economie obsessions. He bits the 'Silent Majority' where it hurts, showing us how we are beset by one disaster after another because of their gentility on one count and their love of greed on the other. He very impoli tel y informs Mr. Country Club Conservative: "The J ew bas been thinking in terms of money for a thousand years before Europe and America began to develop a money civilization" and that " ... consequently when money stepped out as the supreme force, the j ew shot upward like a meteor. " The fourth essay, WORLD IN FLAMES, was prepared by Yockey shortly before his capture and death, and disseminated in limited quantities in February, 1961. Not only is WORLD IN FLAMES Yockey's last work, it is regarded as his most 'controversial. It is a harsh prediction concerning the future of our Race and Nation. lt is harsh because Yockey was a harsh political prophet, dealing in terms of harsh reality in the same way as the geniuses Spengler and Hitler dealt with Life as Reality. Much of what Yockey wrote was unpleasant and hard to digest. So be it. A life that is pre-digested is not worth living. Francis Yockey did not write for the teeming masses of political morons floating around in the 'melting pot' of Contemporary America. He did not write for the so-called 'intelligensia' - the pimps of the academy, the termites eating away at the structure of the West. Neither did he write for the sell-out artists, the 'loyal opposition' types who have a vested interest in keeping the Right-Le ft/ Liberal-Conservative con game going, those cowards who shrink before Duty and dive under the bed at the slightest hint of successful ideas or methods. He wrote for the Culture- bearing stratum of the White World, for Western Man, the pristine force of the Nation- Race-Culture-Tradition of the West, regardless of class or temporary rank within the topsy-turvydom of democracy. The Culture-bedrers and Culture-appreciators, those who can perceive the ldea and campaign for it, come from ali racial.sub-divisions of the West, ali classes of the West. A follower of the Idcn is not confined to a particular continent, a particular region or social category. I know truck drivers and construction workers and farmers who are Imperiumoriented, as I know surgeons and lawyers and professors who are Imperium-oriented. They believe in our rebirth and fight for it. We Destiny-thinkers are everywhere - in schools, in factories, in the fields and forests, in the armed forces, in commerce and art, sometimes in prison. We are waiting ... longing for the correct opportunity to lunge at the throat of the Beast which now bas fast hold on our lives. We are preparing for the White Renaissance which will build our White Life, and our children will keep the ir White World because we will form and win the White Revolution. - D.T.K. ...

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