Klassen Ben - Against the Evil Tide

Author : Klassen Ben (Bernhardt Klassen)
Title : Against the Evil Tide
Year : 1991

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_Against_the_Evil_Tide.zip

Against the Evil Tide - 00. Prologue. All my life, from the day I was born to the present. It seems that, stubbornly and against overwhelming odds, I have been bucking the current tide of history. In one way or another, consciously or subconsciously, my entire life has been dedicated towards fighting against those evil and powerful forces that now hold the world in their tyrannical grip. I have been waging war against these evil forces intermittently and spasmodically perhaps, in the beginning not even recognizing what those malignant destroyers were doing, or who the real evildoers were. But my struggle has been persistent and tenacious. Furthermore, as time went on, the picture became more clearly focused, the tyrannical destroyers more specifically identified, and the complex solution to the puzzle more nearly solved. But my struggle was, and is, not only one of doing battle AGAINST the evil tide. There Is also a very POSITIVE side to this picture, and that is what I am and have been fighting FOR. The answer to that is clearly delineated in the several books I have written and can be summed up in a few words - namely, the SURVIVAL, EXPANSION AND ADVANCEMENT OF THE WHITE RACE. In our racial religion, CREATIVITY, I strongly believe, we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. This Is the true story of a Mennonite boy who was born in the midst of the Communist revolution in the Russian Ukraine. At nine months, while the Red and the White armies were waging civil war In his native village of Rudnerweide, he suffered a severe siege of typhoid fever and nearly died. Nevertheless, he survived the disease, he survived the anarchy and terror of revolution and the two years of famine that followed. When he was six, he and his family fled Russia to try to start life anew in the wide-open wilds of the Mexico ranch country. Shortly thereafter they moved to the wheat farming country of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he grew to adulthood. In 1945 he moved to the United States, where after a long and checkered career, he finally found his life's purpose — structuring and establishing a racial religion for the survival, expansion and advancement of his own racial kinsman — Nature’s Finest. I was that boy. After seven decades I can say that it has been a long and circuitous Odyssey, and I thank Fate that she has allotted me sufficient time to reflect on the ensuing course of events that permitted me to finally consummate the paramount mission of my life, and propel it into perpetuity. By any yardstick, the White Race is the most creative, productive and intelligent creature Mother Nature has produced In the 2.3 billion years that it is claimed lift has existed on this planet Earth. Strangely, however Nature's Finest in the last half century has become a highly endangered species, whose demise and extinction is at most only a few generations away. This is almost a certainty unless this unique species drastically changes course, and does so promptly and most forcefully. What the White Race has direly needed in the last 6,000 years of its civilization is a racial religion of its own — a racial religion whose overriding fervor was, and constantly remained, the survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind. This is not a novel idea Nature has Implanted this Innate drive In every other creature alive, but strangely, in its long and tumultuous history, the White Race has never fully grasped this idea While eagerly pursuing the advancement of science and high technology, at the same time It has stupidly and tragically utilized Its vastly superior endowments to kill, decimate and destroy its own kind. Now the White Race has a racial religion of its own and we call it CREATIVITY. I have faith that It will provide the spark that will kindle the conflagration of a vast worldwide movement of religious fervor - the first real constructive revolution in history to really accrue to the benefit of the human race. If enough of my fellow kinsmen will grasp that realization, the redemption and salvation of Nature's Finest will be assured. For this I have labored and it is my fervent hope and prayer that it will come to pass in this next generation. As the founder of a new religion, I feel an obligation not only to my White Racial Comrades but also to posterity - and even to my enemies - to permanently set down the events of my life, detailing my origins, my thoughts and my objectives. I believe that having come this far it might perhaps be incumbent for the future that I do so. I say perhaps. There are two ways of looking at It - two possibilities. If the White Race falls to rise up and accept the challenge and if the Jewish pestilence succeeds in their age-old frenzy of mongrelizing and/or exterminating the White Race from the face of this Planet Earth, then all my writings and my other efforts and sacrifices will be in vain. Creativity and its whole network of ideas will be flushed down the memory hole of history. In such case, it will matter little as to what I did or what I wrote. In fact, as far as I am concerned, nothing will really matter anymore, should the White Race be destroyed. If, on the other hand, the White Race rises up in wrathful vengeance, mobilizes its awesome power, and smashes the Jewish tyranny into oblivion, then I feel certain that Creativity will have played a major part in giving inspiration, goal and direction in freeing the White Race from the tentacles of Jewish tyranny. When that comes to pass then there will be a major demand for endless details regarding Creativity's early beginnings, as well as the life of the Founder, and many details will be such that only I would have knowledge of them and they would be a vital source of basic Information. Fortunately, fate has spared me the time that I may write my memoirs without any undue pressure from either financial worries or from political duress. Unfortunately, too many of our racial warriors who have contributed significantly to the cause have been denied this opportunity, and the only source material (highly fabricated) about them comes from the lips and pens of our racial enemies - traitors and Jews. As a result, our racial fighters have been slandered, calumnied and lied about before and after their death with little authoritative refutation from the White racial side. Adolf Hitler is a prime example of such distortions and calumnies, but there are any number of others. Every person born is a composite of their cultural heritage and the genetic inheritance of their ancestors. Of all these factors, genes are of major importance, and this is something only our ancestors can hand down to us. The innate character of each individual is then further shaped and molded for better or for worse by the multitude of events that swirl about them during the tenure of their life. Some are crushed by events, while others overcome events and remain masters of their own destiny. In any event, all are the sum total of their heritage, whether it be cultural, genetic, or any one of a number of other variables. ...

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