Klassen Ben - On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War

Author : Klassen Ben (Bernhardt Klassen)
Title : On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War
Year : 1993

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_On_the_Brink_of_a_Bloody_Racial_War.zip

Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race by a dire warning of coming events in the next decade, and an advance preparation for our own survival. Introduction The White Race is now in grave danger of extinction and only a miracle can save it. The White people of the world are now facing the most critical and precarious time they have ever been confronted with in their long, chaotic and tumultuous history. It took hundreds of thousands of years of evolution for the White people to emerge and reach the pinnacle of the outstanding development that distinguishes them from the other human or humanoid sub-species that now breed and proliferate the surface of Planet Earth. But it now seems that it may take only a generation, or two at the most, to completely destroy and demolish what Nature has laboriously and meticulously nurtured over the hundreds of millenniums. Nature, in its special bounty, has lavished on the White Race the greatest of all gifts -intelligence, creativity, productivity and endowed it with a host of other supreme and unique qualities that it has withheld from all the millions of other creatures that Inhabit this planet, at this time, as in the millions or even billions of years in the past. It is a unique honor and prestigious prize that the White people must treasure and guard at all costs. Unless we drastically change course and do it now, we, many of whom are living today, are about to witness the greatest, most abysmal tragedy that has ever befallen mankind. We are about to witness the most shameful decline, followed by a miserable and bloody slaughter of what will be left of Nature’s Finest, and let us make no mistake about it. This is the fate that is now in store for the White people, not only in America, but throughout the world. The world’s most vicious (and successful) parasite, the international Jewish network has been feverishly at work on achieving this goal for several thousand years, and it seems they will bring it to culmination within the next decade, or the next generation. A fate similar to that which occurred as a forerunner in San Domingo two hundred years ago will now unravel on a worldwide scale, and the White people will be exterminated in totality, with not a vestige left. At this point in history, we, the White peoples of the world, still 500 million strong, (but sorely confused and divided) can still reverse this tragedy. Only if we take the bull by the horns, inform, arouse and unite the White people under one language and one religion and erase the nationalistic insanity can we do the job. Only under the auspices of Creativity can we accomplish this. It is the first Racial Religion the White Race has ever had in the 6000 years of its civilized history. It is the Jew’s racial religion, Judaism, that enabled them to conquer the world. It will take Creativity, the White Man’s Racial Religion, to smash their vicious conspiracy and save Nature’s Finest from utter destruction, humiliation and extinction. So let us waste no more time. Let us get our act together and smash the Jewish behemoth once and for all. Let us save this precious Planet Earth, not for the parasites and the mud races, but for Nature’s Finest and our future progeny. The articles embodied in this book are a compilation of the last such I have written as lead articles in our flagship paper, Racial Loyalty, Issues 40 to 81. They are in tune with our creed and program as set forth in the twelve previous books and 39 issues of Racial Loyalty. They nevertheless add much significant material and additional facets to the religious development of our creed and program, a pursuit that is eternal and never ending. May the younger generation now pursue our goal with a militancy, energy and dedication that will drive our congenital enemies into oblivion and enable our future generations to build a Whiter and Brighter World, a goal for which I have strived for so assiduously for the last 20 years of my life. Ben Klassen. September 3, 1992. ...

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