Klassen Ben - RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours

Author : Klassen Ben (Bernhardt Klassen)
Title : RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours
Year : 1987

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_RAHOWA_This_Planet_is_All_Ours.zip

RAHOWA! Its Full Ramifications. The Ultimate and Only Solution. After a long upward climb over the last 100 thousand years, the White Race has now reached the most perilous crisis in its tumultuous history. After all the brilliant achievements its gallant sons have demonstrated, especially over the last five thousand years, now suddenly, the White Race is facing death, total extinction, in the next generation or two. Can I state the situation more plainly? This, despite the fact that it still numbers somewhere around 500 million members, more or less, not all whose genes are unpolluted. How did our race get Into such a mess, into such a dire predicament? After all, the White Race at the beginning of this century was unchallenged in its supremacy. Practically all the major inventions were created by the White Man, practically all the engines of war were in the hands of the White Man, or at least under his control. The only meaningful weapons the mud races then had were those the White Man had voluntarily given him, or traded to him. This included any meaningful weapons that the Indians, or the Hindus, or even the Japs had in their hands. Furthermore the White Man was supreme, unchallenged, in all technology, whether it was a matter of battleships, or combustion engines, or telephones, or building canals, or in building bridges. No matter what field of endeavor we want to examine, the White Man had it all. This condition prevailed pretty much unchallenged until the beginning of World War 1. When the Jews engineered this treacherous, fratricidal war of Whites killing Whites, the most insane, ghastly holocaust of bloodletting in the history of mankind (up to that time), it was then that the walls of the White Man's citadel began to crack. But even then the White Man was still supreme, or so he thought. When World War I was over, some demographers began to talk about the Yellow Peril, meaning the Chinese, and even more so, the Japanese. So did some military experts, such as Billy Mitchell, as they looked into the future. In Europe some astute political leaders such as Adolf Hitler in Germany began to view with alarm what the Jewish conspiracy had been able to orchestrate with their financial and propaganda networks in manipulating all the major nations of the world. Hitler specifically blamed the Jews for provoking World War I and the defeat of Germany. Through sheer force of personality, persuasion and an unprecedented outpouring of energy, he and his supporters got the message across to the German people that there was a racial war on, a war waged by the worldwide Jewish network against the Aryan peoples of the world. For the first time in history, a portion of the White Race organized a determined, meaningful challenge against the power of the financial networks of the Jewish conspiracy. As we all know, by means of a flood of overwhelming propaganda, by means of political manipulation, by deceit and by treachery, the Jews managed to inveigle Britain, France, Russia, and finally the United States into a war of terrible destruction against Germany. As we also know, and as we have been told over and over again a million times, Germany was smashed for her unspeakable sin of challenging the Jew. When World War II was over, not only was Germany In ruins, but the White nations of the world were in total disarray. Jewish communism had been saved. Not only saved but began to expand rapidly and take over Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the eastern part of Germany, and in fact all of eastern Europe. All this, with the help of the perfidious treachery emanating out of the White House in Washington, skillfully orchestrated by powerful and sinister Jews behind the scenes. Not only did Jewish communism take over Eastern Europe, but it began to spread rapidly to China and throughout the world, and is still spreading today. (See "Russia, Israel and the United States", C.C. No. 38, P. 245 of WMB.) When the Jews smashed the Germans In 1945, the most intelligent and progressive nation in Europe, they won the most significant major victory in their three thousand year history. The White Race, on the other hand, on a worldwide basis suffered the most disastrous racial setback In its 100 thousand year existence. The ramifications of this monumental catastrophe are now coming to a climax. The White Race has been paying and paying for this stupendous, insane blunder for the last 40 some years, but the ultimate sacrifice will have to be paid for in blood by our children and grand children. We have now reached the stage where, unless we drastically change the course of events, our progeny will be slaughtered, or mongrelized, and one way or another, exterminated. It is the insane goal of the Jewish conspiracy that no more White babies be born, and this as soon as possible (ASAP). After the defeat of Germany the Jews lost no time in turning their racial hate on those very nations that they had inveigled in helping them smash Germany, particularly Britain, France and the United States, as we will show in the first chapter in this book, RAHOWA! Having smashed the "Nazis", that word now became a synonym for all those who still valued their White racial heritage. Every White now became a racist, therefore a "Nazi", the new code word for the ultimate sin. Whereas Black was Beautiful, Black Power was great, Israel and Jewish fanaticism the ultimate in commendable virtue, White pride. White achievements. White integrity, now became the ultimate sin in the new religion the Jews preached to the world. The most unbelievable aspect of this whole tragic trauma is that the Jews are successfully selling this insane atrocity to the majority of our White Racial Comrades, especially those in the Christian churches. The bottom line is that the White Race has now reached the POINT OF NO RETURN. Never again can we retrieve our position in the world to where it was before 1914. The White Race has reached the end of the line. We are now facing brutal, bloody extermination. We are now embroiled in a deadly racial war of survival, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we want to face it or not. The fiendish Jews have not only revved up the pathological hatred of their own species, but they have incited the hatred of all the mud peoples of the world against us. Their unwavering and unflagging goal is a massive massacre of the White Race as was foreshadowed in the slaughter that took place in San Domingo two centuries ago. (See C.C. No. 30, "The Grisly Lesson of Son Domingo — Forerunner for White America", P. 176, WMB.) There are some White racial organizations in this country, such as the Identity people, who have fractured loyalties and advocate compromise. They talk about geographic racial separation on the basis of giving the niggers a good part of the United States, such as the South, probably the Northeast and the Midwest as well. In exchange the Whites would then have a clean sweep of Idaho and some of the Western states, such as Oregon and Washington. Even California, New Mexico and Arizona could to to the Mexicans, and South American Hispanics. ...

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