Klassen Ben - Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs

Author : Klassen Ben (Bernhardt Klassen)
Title : Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs A history of the Church of the Creator during its 10-year domicile in the State of North Carolina, coordinated with biographical details during the same period
Year : 1993

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_Trials_Tribulations_and_Triumphs.zip

Dedicated to Brian Kozel (1971-1990), who was killed in the line of duty. He was shot in the back by cowardly Mexican assassins while distributing copies of our flagship paper, Racial Loyalty. Chapter One. Foundation Day. The history of the Church of the Creator and its World Center really begins with the day we started moving dirt and laying the foundations at Its present location in North Carolina. We regard this as an historic event in our movement, and choose to call it Foundation Day. It occurred on a beautiful spring day, March 10, to be exact, and I will never forget it. The contractor, Billy Sanders, and his crew and surveyors appeared on the scene at 8 AM that fine morning, and Henrie and I were there with our cameras to take both colored and black and white pictures, to record the event for posterity. By 10 AM Dean Conners and his crew arrived with their bulldozers and other heaving equipment to start moving dirt. Although I have already set forth most of the details of the architectural planning and the actual construction of the building itself in my previous book, Against the Evil Tide, I nevertheless want to briefly review some of the major events of that first epic year, beginning with Foundation Day, in order to properly tie the story into the period about which this chronicle is concerned. That particular period is the decade between Foundation Day, March 10, 1982, and the time I retired and legally turned the leadership of the Church over to the succeeding Pontifex Maximus. That ten year span has been the most crucial, the most frustrating, yet undoubtedly the most productive and rewarding ten years of my life. March 10 was a busy day. Besides dealing with the surveyors, the contractor, and the dirt movers, I also met with the well driller, Charles Davidson, and reached an agreement with him about the cost of drilling a well for the church, the cost of the pump, the pressure tank and all the rest of the supplementary equipment that went with it, as well as the exact location of the well site itself. For some reason, any attempt to found a new religion, anywhere, at any time in history, has always been encountered with the most virulent opposition and the utmost hostility. It took Christianity at least three hundred years to come out into the open, and then more than fifteen hundred years of warfare and strife to establish itself. In fact, the battle is still raging in numerous parts of the world unto this very day. Mohammed and his cohorts had to fight endless battles in order to spread their beliefs, and, as we all know, the warfare is still far from over. Joseph Smith and his brother were killed at an early age by an angry mob in their attempt to establish their Mormon religion. The Jews, as we all know, have been under siege for the last four thousand years or so In order to maintain their parasitic religion in every region they have intruded. In fact, their continuing existence in Palestine, where it all began, is most precarious, to say the least, and chances are excellent that they will not be there for long. But no one can argue that the most conspicuous characteristic about all these religions, that despite all the opposition, hostility and warfare, is that they have endured. They have survived, they have grown and spread and they have persevered. Furthermore, they have had a more pervasive influence on the culture and the course of history than any other human endeavor throughout the ages. ...

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