Velikovsky Immanuel - Earth in Upheaval

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel
Title : Earth in Upheaval The astounding theory of extraterrestrial forces that radicaly reconstructs the earth's history!
Year : 1955

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. WORKING ON Earth in Upheaval and on the essay (Address before the Graduate College Forum of Princeton University) added at the end of this volume, I have incurred a debt of gratitude to several scientists. Professor Walter S. Adams, for many years director of Mount Wilson Observatory, gave me all the information and instruction for which I asked concerning the atmospheres of the planets, a field in which he is the outstanding authority. On my visit to the solar observatory in Pasadena, California, and in our correspondence he has shown a fine spirit of scientific cooperation. The late Dr. Albert Einstein, during the last eighteen months of his life (November 1953-April 1955), gave me much of his time and thought. He read several of my manuscripts and supplied them with marginal notes. Of Earth in Upheaval he read chapters VIII through XII; he made handwritten comments on this and other manuscripts and spent not a few long afternoons and evenings, often till midnight, discussing and debating with me the implications of my theories. In the last weeks of his life he reread Worlds in Collision and read also three files of "memoirs" on that book and its reception, and expressed his thoughts in writing. We started at opposite points; the area of disagreement, as reflected in our correspondence, grew ever smaller, and though at his death (our last meeting was nine days before his passing) there remained clearly defined points of disagreement, his stand then demonstrated the evolution of his opinion in the space of eighteen months. Professor Waldo S. Clock, Chairman of the Department of Geology at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, a recognized authority in dendrochronology (dating of tree rings), with the help of his graduate students searched the literature pertaining to the tree rings of early ages, and also gave me answers to questions in his field. Dr. H. Manley of the Imperial College, London, Professor P. L. Mercanton of the University of Lausanne, and Professor E. Thellier of the Observatoire Geophysique of the University of Paris, gave me freely of their knowledge in the field of geomagnetism and sent me reprints of their works. Professor Lloyd Motz of the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University, New York, never tired of testing mathematically and of commenting on various problems in electromagnetism and in celestial mechanics which I offered for discussion. Dr. T. E. Nikulins, geologist in Caracas, Venezuela, repeatedly drew my attention to various publications in the scientific press that might be of help to me; he supplied me with the source dealing with the discovery of the stone and bronze ages in northeastern Siberia. Professor George McCready Price, geologist in California, read an early draft of various chapters of this work. Between this octogenarian, author of several books on geology written from the fundamentalist point of view, and myself, there are some points of agreement and as many of disagreement. The main one among the latter is that while Price is opposed to the very theory of evolution and is supported in his disbelief by the fact that since the scientific age no new animal species have been observed to emerge, I offer in the concluding chapters of this book ("Extinction" and "Cataclysmic Evolution") a radical solution of the problem. With Professor Richardson of the Illinois Institute of Technology I spent several days discussing a few problems in physics and geophysics. With no one do I share the responsibility for my work; to everyone who gave me a helpful hand while the atmosphere in academic circles was generally charged with animosity, I express here my gratitude. ...

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