Velikovsky Immanuel - Were All Dinosaurs Reptiles

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel
Title : Were All Dinosaurs Reptiles
Year : 1976

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BRONTOSAURUS WAS A MAMMAL. Millions of years are required for a piece of wood to become a piece of coal. But to make of it a piece of coal when ablaze, only a few hours are needed. When footprints of pre-historic animals are found in the coal surface of quarries, it is not necessary to assume that millions of years must be involved in the calculations. Continents appeared and disappeared; mountains rose and fell; rivers lost their beds; and deep within the Earth, all geological strata boiled and turned over. An animal fled upon the ground to save itself, or hid in a cave. The woods burned; the air high above was in flames; the ground became soft from the inside. The animal perished, but before perishing it left its mark - its footprints. The antiquity of the geological strata in which fossils are found is measured by tens and hundreds of millions of years. However, all conclusions of geology must be revised in a very definite manner. It is possible that not tens of millions of years lay between the full extinction of the large Dinosauria and our age, but only some thousands of years. The evolution of species, as it would proceed in a world not disturbed by catastrophes, would require for its course quite a different span of time than if cataclysms intervened; cataclysms could do in only hours or weeks for what evolution would require millennia to accomplish. The huge extinct animals - dinosaurs - are classified as reptiles, and their time is called the Age of the Reptiles. It was supposed that in this early age no mammals existed; then skeletons of small wolf like animals were discovered together with the bones of dinosaurs. ...

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