Velikovsky Immanuel - When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel
Title : When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten
Year : 1972

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I appreciate the challenge concerning the last time the lunar surface was heated and became also partly molten. I intend to show that of the three possibilities in Professor Derek York's discourse, the evidence is for - "there is something wrong with the radioactive clocks or our reading of them." First, I will cite the impression the physical appearance of the lunar rocks made on qualified observers. The Lunar Sample Preliminary Examination Team ("Preliminary Examination of Lunar Samples from Apollo 11") recorded "the extremely fresh appearance of the interior of all crystalline rocks, in spite of their microfractures and high potassium-argon age." As to the exterior of the lunar material, T. Gold, writing in Science, discussed "Apollo 11 Observations of a Remarkable Glazing Phenomenon on the Lunar Surface." Gold, looking for a cause of the glazing assumed "a giant solar outburst in geologically recent times" that sprayed the surface of all lunar rocks with metallic glaze. How recent? "The glazing occurred less than 30,000 years ago: otherwise the glaze would have been eroded and dusted over by slow bombardment of the moon by cosmic dust. On the other hand, the event must have taken place some thousands of years ago, not only because it was not observed historically, but also to allow enough time for the metal-plating process to coat the glass." The event was observed historically; however, it was not due to the sun becoming a nova for a second or so, but to the repeated disturbance in the moon's motion and the near-encounters in the celestial sphere described in Worlds in Collision, part II, "Mars." ...

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