DuBois Joseph E. Jr. - The Devil's Chemists

Author : DuBois Joseph E. Jr. - Johnson Edward
Title : The Devil's Chemists 24 conspirators of the international Farben cartel who manufacture wars
Year : 1952

Link download : DuBois_Joseph_E_Jr_-_The_Devil_s_Chemists.zip

Preface. To UNDERSTAND THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE of this story, bear in mind that today the main characters - defendants in the most farreaching criminal trial in history - are all alive and free to work against the way of life you and I cherish. Today a great struggle is being waged for the political allegiance of men. The United States of America has been steadily -losing in that struggle since the end of World War 11. In seven years the free world has lost to Communism half of Europe and large areas of Asia. This amounts to the loss of over eight hundred million people who once regarded themselves as our friends and allies. The foreign policy of the United States demonstrates that most of our leaders understand little of what has happened in Europe and Asia during the last generation. We have challenged disillusioned hearts with only a hodgepodge of defensive tactics. It is my belief that we lost the support of most of these people because we appealed to them almost entirely through our own fears, with little regard for their real hopes, dreams, and needs. To replace Communist bread, often we have spread our own table reluctantly and too late. Often we have countered the vicious Communist evangelism only by negative argument. Most important, we have poured salt on the ugly wounds which certain hated industrialists have cut into four continents. For ten years the average European and Asian has understood my story better than our leaders yet understand it. I believe also that the average American, should he read this book, will have a better understanding than his government of how Europeans and Asians feel about the facts. To those who sickened in the 1930's at the news that American scrap iron was being sold to Japan; to those who later observed with disgust the failure of the League of Nations to put teeth into its economic "sanctions" against Italy when she invaded Abyssinia; to those who recently cried shame on the shipment of British war-potential goods through Hong Kong to the Chinese Red Army; to those who are flatly opposed to doing strategic business with any totalitarian institution, whether by direct sales or outright political subsidy - to all those, this book is recommended. The full story of all the industrial groups that have deliberately bred war, or have deliberately shut their eyes to the breeding of war, could not be contained in ten books. I have limited my story to the single group of men whose vast influence epitomizes all the others - a group that is still many years ahead of all others in the techniques of waging, in "peacetime," a future war. Unbelievable as it seems, the defendants in that trial are back in power in Germany today. Their Oriental collaborators are back in power in Asia. We have been so afraid of Communism that we have been willing to resort to almost any expedient in our hysterical effort to stem the tide. Fearful reaction has lost us all those who looked to democracy for an inspired and positive program. The wisdom of helping such men form a vital bulwark of defense against Communism will be seriously questioned, I am sure, by almost every reader. To rely upon the generals-in-graysuits who shared the responsibility for World War 11, to ally ourselves with groups which have been allied with Russia more than once before, suggests the probability that if World War I11 breaks out, they will be fighting for Soviet Russia, not for the West. And in treating such groups as friends, we are losing true friends all over the world. The crucial question to ask after reading this book is: What will happen if these men and the forces they represent align themselves with Communist aggression rather than with the freedom-loving peoples of the world? In condensing 150 large volumes of testimony within one average- size book, a great deal of material has necessarily been eliminated. Nevertheless, I believe that every significant aspect of this historic criminal trial has been brought to the attention of the reader. If material has been taken out of context, it has been done in such a way as not to distort its basic meaning. As a guide to the reader, we have included in the appendix an organization chart of the industrial concern known as I. G. Farben and a list of the twenty-four defendants in the trial, together with the positions they held. J. E. D. ...

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