Klassen Ben - Racial Loyalty Issue No. 45

Author : Klassen Ben
Title : Racial Loyalty Issue No. 45
Year : 1988

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_Racial_Loyalty_Issue_No_45.zip

Bashing the Rich Fangs of Bolshevism by Ben Klassen, P.M. The basic plank of Karl Marx's communist creed is that the rich are the incarnation of all the world's evil, and must be exterminated from the face of the earth. Once these nasty rich, these "Capitalists", have been destroyed, the "proletariat", supposedly the working class, will take over, and there will be no more exploitation of the workers. Ipso facto, all problems, which are basically a matter of economics anyway (so the theory goes) will have been solved. If we will only get rid of those damn "Capitalists", we could have a beautiful new world order. Class distinctions will fade away, even government itself will dissolve into a sweet nothingness, and presto, and lo and behold! a new era for mankind! A veritable heaven on earth, a Worker's Paradise will appear as if by magic. Just kill those damn Capitalists! These bait-and-switch ideas encompassed in this con-game are as Jewish as Henry Kissinger's hooked nose and have a long Jewish history. In Protocol No. 1 of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they say that by shouting the words "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" they have brought into the Jewish ranks whole legions of the goyim, who carried their (Jewish) banners with enthusiasm, while their own Jewish agents did the advance work in surreptitiously spreading these ideas. These same words were canker worms at work, boring into the well-being of the goyim society, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying the foundations of the goyim states. Going back even further into the murky channels of Jewish propaganda, we And that a mythical Christ was pre-empting Marx and expounding the same destructive ideas. It is all set forth in the New Testament, written by Jews for the destruction of the goyim. Those nasty damn rich! Oh, how we hate them! It will be easier for a camel to wander through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to ever get to heaven. Christians and Yids prefer such worthless derelicts of society as Lazarus, who was lazy, shiftless, penniless, and so sloven and sick that the dogs licked his open sores. Those are the kind of scum Christians like to see in heaven, but those damn rich will burn in hell forever and ever and ever, because oh! how the Lord hates them! ...

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