Pease Edward Reynolds - The History of the Fabian Society

Author : Pease Edward Reynolds
Title : The History of the Fabian Society
Year : 1916

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Preface. THE History of the Fabian Society will perhaps chiefly interest the members, present and past, of the Society. But in so far as this book describes the growth of Socialist theory in England, and the influence of Socialism on the political thought of the last thirty years, I hope it will appeal to a wider circle. I have described in my book the care with which the Fabian Tracts have been revised and edited by members of the Executive Committee. Two of my colleagues, Sidney Webb and Bernard Shaw, have been good enough to revise this volume in like manner, and I have to thank them for innumerable corrections in style, countless suggestions of better words and phrases, and a number of amphfications and additions, some of which I have accepted without specific acknowledgment, whilst others for one reason or another are to be found in notes; and I am particularly grateful to Bernard Shaw for two valuable memoranda on the history of Fabian Economics, and on Guild Socialism, which are printed as an appendix. The MS. or proofs have also been read by Mrs. Sidney Webb, Mrs. Bernard Shaw, Sir Sydney Olivier, Graham Wallas, W. Stephen Sanders, and R. C. K. Ensor, to each of whom my cordial thanks are due for suggestions, additions, and corrections. To Miss Bertha Newcombe I am obliged for permission to reproduce the interesting sketch which forms the frontispiece. E. R. P. The Pendicle, LIMPSFIELD, Surrey, January, 1916. ...

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