Niles Douglas - The Elven Nations trilogy volume two - The Kinslayer Wars

Author : Niles Douglas
Title : The Elven Nations trilogy volume two - The Kinslayer Wars - DragonLance Saga
Year : 1991

Link download :

"now!" the General Barked that one word, and the trumpeter instantly raised his hom to his lips. The loud bray of the call rang from atop the tower, blaring stridently across the fortress and ringing harshly against the ears of the slowly awakening human army. A deep rumble shook the fortress as gatesmen released the great stone counterweights and the massive fortress gates swung open with startling swiftnessand cries of excitement and encouragement whooped through the air as the riders surged forth. Still the trumpet brayed its command, and now the elven infantry rushed from the gates, emerging from the dust cloud raised by stampeding horses. Kencathedrus, his lively mount prancing with excitement, indicated with his sword each company of foot soldiers, and, in turn, they followed but a pace or two behind the unit that rushed before. In the camp of the humans, the~ was almost palpable, jerking men from breakfast idyUs, or for those who had had duty during the night, from sleep. Eleven months of placid siege-making had had the inevitable effect of lessening readiness and building complacency. Now the peace. of a warm summer's moming exploded with the brash violence of war! ...

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