Thompson Paul B. - Carter Tonya R. - The Elven Nations trilogy volume one - Firstborn

Authors : Thompson Paul B. - Carter Tonya R.
Title : The Elven Nations trilogy volume one - Firstborn - DragonLance Saga
Year : 1991

Link download :

"Gilean, the Book! Gray Voyager! Sage of truth, Gate of Soulsl By this fire, open my eyes and allow me to read from the book of all-truthl" The cleric's voice wàs strong, resonating through the empty hall. "Open the Tobrill Find for Speaker Sithel the fates of his two sons, born this day!" Vedvedsica laid the dry leaves on the coals. They caught fire immediately, flames curling around them with a loud crackle. Smoke snaked up from the brazier, thick, gray smoke that condensed as it rose. Sithel gripped the arms of his throne and watched the smoke coll and writhe. Vedvedsica held up his hartds as if to embrace it. Gradually the smoke formed into the wavering ~pe of an open scroll. The back of the scroll faced Sithel.The.front was for Vedvedsica only. The cleric's lips moved as he read from the bookthat contained ali the knowledge of the gods. In less than half a minute the leaves were totally consumed. The fire flared three feet a]?ove the golc:lett brazier, instantly dispelling the smoke. In the flash of flamë, the priest cried out in pain and reeled away. Sithelleaped up from his throne as Vedvedsica collapsed in a heap. After descending the steps from the throne platform, Sithel knelt beside the cleric and carefully turned him over. ''What did you see7" he asked urgently. "Tell mI commandyoul" Vedvedsiea took his hands from his face. His eyebrows were singed; hiS face blackened. "Pive words ... 1 saw only five words, Highness:' he said falteringly. "What were they7" Sithel nearly shook the fellow in his haste to know. "The Tobril said, 'They both shall wear crowns ..! " ...

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