The Fabian Society - Socialism and Agriculture

Authors : The Fabian Society - Carpenter Edward - Dymond D. C. Pedder
Title : Socialism and Agriculture
Year : 1908

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I. THE VILLAGE AND THE LANDLORD By EDWARD CARPENTER. My object in this paper is simply to describe the economie conditions of a single country parish, bere m England, and from the consideration of these conditions to draw some inferences towards our future policy with regard to the land. In modem life-in every department of it, one may say-bedrock facts are so veiled over by complex and adventitious growths that it is difficult to see the proper and original outline of any problem with which we are dealing ; and so it certainly is in this matter of the land q11estion. Any one glancing at a country village, say in the neighbourhood of London, probably sees a mass of villas, people hurrying to a railway station, motor-cars, and so forth ; but as to where the agricultural workers are, what they are doing, how they live, what their relations may be to the land and the land ownersthese things are obscure, not easily seen, and difficult to get information about. And yet these are the things, one may say, which are most vital, most important. ...

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