Denning Troy - The Crimson Legion

Author : Denning Troy
Title : Dark Sun The Crimson Legion Prism Pentad Book 2
Year : 1992

Link download :

A DREAM BORN FROM TYRANNY. Athas, wodd of the dark sun. Ruled for thousands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, the cities of Athas have become vile centers of slavery and corruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can stand against the might of these overlords. The Prism Pentad is a tale of such heroes. ... Rikus-the man-dwarf gladiator whose ragtag legion is all that stands between the city of Tyr and a mighty army sent by a rival sorcerer-king to destroy the free city. Neeva-the beautiful and deadly veteran of Tyr's slave arena, tom between ber love for Rikus and her growing realization that the hero may be leading his legion to its doom. càelum-the noble dwarven cleric from the lost city ofKemalok, able to caU upon the dark sun itself for the power to destroy those who stand against him ... including the mandwarf Rikus. ...

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