De Tollenaere Herman A.O. - The Politics of Divine Wisdom

Author : De Tollenaere Herman A.O.
Title : The Politics of Divine Wisdom Theosophy and labour, national, and women's movements in Indonesia and South Asia 1875-1947
Year : 1996

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PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. To my sister, Els de Tollenaere. My mother told me how, for the first time, as a child, she boarded the tram from The Hague to Wassenaar. As it passed the rich people's mansions there, she cried out to her father: 'Oh! I have never seen such beautiful houses before!' 'Yes', my grandfather replied; but added that they were built with the sweat of the Indonesian workers. In the 1920's, Indonesian students published·their Indonesia Merdeka magazine in the Merelstraat in Leiden. When my father came to The Netherlands a decade later, he went to live in that street, in a boarding-house with Indonesian and Japanese students. I lived there during my childhood. As I grew up, I followed political controversies in the 1960's US from papers. Martin Marty writes that occultists were mainly on the conservative side of these questions. On composition of 'New Age' groups, Eileen Barker says: 'one of the most prominent features of the movements is the disproportionate numbers of materially advantaged, middle (and upper?) class followers, whom they attract. 01 January 1996. The Dutch businessman Gerrit van der Valk says he is telepathically gifted. He advocates the theosophical 'Akasha chronicle' method in historical research2 The 1990·s. Beliefs like contacting spirits of the dead, reincarnation, astrology, and paranormal healing are widespread. Authors note them from Dutch universities to British royalty's Camillagate affair,3 to the US Pentagon intelligence's Star Gate affair.4 This is not an overnight development. Some of its previous history is in this book. Scientists and others may think, prematurely, once they as individuals know aspects of occultism are nonsensical, there is no longer a social problem. ...

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