Steiner Rudolf - The threefold commonwealth

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The threefold commonwealth
Year : 1922

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A FOREWORD AS TO THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK. The social life of "the present day presents grave and far-reaching problems. We are confronted by demands for social reconsti'uction, which shew that the solution of these problems must be sought along paths unthought-of hitherto. Borne out by the actual events of the hour, the time has perhaps come for someone to gain a hearing, who is forced by life's experience to maintain, that the neglect to turn our thoughts into the paths that are now needed has stranded us in confusion and perplexity. It is under that conviction that this book is written. Its purpose is to discuss what needs doing, in order that those demands, which are being urged by a large part of .mankind to-day, may be turned in the direction of a determinate social will and purpose. Personal likes and dislikes should enter but little into the formation of a social purpose. The demands, welcome or unwelcome, are there; and they must be reckoned with as facts of social life. This should be borne in mind by those who, from their personal situation in life, may be inclined to be annoyed at the author's way of discussing the demands of the working-class, because in their opinion he lays too one-sided a stress on these demands, as on something that must be reckoned with when determining on a social purpose. But what the author wants, is to present life as it exists to-day in all its full reality, in so far as he is able from his knowledge of it. ...

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