Steiner Rudolf - The threefold state

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The threefold state
Year : 1920

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The Social Question in its True Aspect, as it Presents Itself in the Life of the Modern World THEactual facts that emerge from the world-wide catastrophe of the war seem to reveal the social movement of our time in a new light. Do not these facts show how inadequate people's ideas have been for many years past about the aims of the workers ? We are driven to ask ourselves this question, because what was until now repressed in the workers' aims, or in connection with them, has now forced its way to the front. The authority which was able to effect this repression has been partially destroyed. It would be impossible any longer to maintain the old relation between that authority and the social impulses by which a great part of mankind are actuated. He who attempts to do so must have totally failed to recognize the indestructible character of such motive impulses in man. ...

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